Административная контрольная работа УМК FORWARD 3 класс II четверть

Административная контрольная работа
3 класс II четверть
A. Read and match:
1) Listen 2) knee 3)climb 4)know 5) weather 6) what 7) sledge
a) [nJ] b) [wLt] c)[sleG] d)[weDq] e)[nOV] f)[klQim] g) [lisn]
B.Прослушай аудио текст « Что они умеют делать» и отметь если умеют и х если
не умеют.
С. Read and circle the correct word.
This is a koala/kangaroo. It lives in Russia/Australia. It is a brown/black. It is
jumping/sitting. It can/can’t cook. It has got a long/short tail. It has got /
hasn’t got a trunk [trANk] (хобот). It likes/ doesn’t like to eat green leaves [lJvz]
D. Describe the weather. Use the word: snowy, rainy, cloudy, sunny, windy.
Its cold ____________________________________________________________________________
E. Соедини вопрос и ответ:
1) What’s the weather like? A) I’m Cody
2) Where are you from? B) It’s snowing
3) What’s your name? C) No, I haven’t
4) What is the capital of Russia? D) Moscow is
5) Have you got a camera? E) I’m from Great Britain
F.Complete the sentences. Use the words:
Opera House, Kremlin, Canberra, desert, success in space, taiga, Father Frost, Sochi.
1.The capital of Australia is ________________
2.Russia is famous for its ___________________
3.____________ is in the middle of Australia.
4. You can see ______________ in Sydney.
5.____________ is the capital of 2014 Winter Olympics.
6.There are 20 towers in _______________
7.The great forest is called ____________
8._______________ lives in Veliky Ustyug,
J. Make a plural form.
Forest-________, city-_________, fox-________, monkey-_________, watch-_______,
leaf ________,bear-________, bus-_________, fly-___________, spaceship-__________, street-
________, dish-__________, beach-____________, dress-
H. Match the sentences.
1. Плавать под водой ___ take photos
2. Играть на барабанах ___ draw
3. Запускать воздушного змея ___ climb mountains
4. Лазать по горам ___ dance
5. Фотографировать ___ ride a bike
6. Кататься на велосипеде ___ build a snowman
7. Устроить пикник ___ fly a kite
8. Лепить снеговика ___ play the drums
9. Танцевать ___ swim underwater
10. Рисовать ___ have a picnic
I. Read, draw and colour.
First draw a triangle, then draw a small triangle on the top of triangle. Then add a big triangle
under the triangle. Then draw a small rectangle under the big triangle. Then add one small
triangle on the top of the small triangle and upside down triangle in this triangle for the star.
Then add small circles to decorate your tree! Here you are! Happy New Year!