Контрольное тестирование по английскому языку 4 класс (1 полугодие)

Сапожникова Е.А. учитель английского языка ОЧУ «Газпром школа»
Контрольное тестирование по английскому языку 4 класс (1 полугодие)
I. Выберите и напишите названия учебных предметов.
Geography Art PE History English Maths
1. We read about castles in _________________.
2. We count in ______________.
3. We write the alphabet in _____________________.
4. We read about mountains, rivers and islands in ____________________.
5. We play football in ____________________.
6. We paint and draw pictures in _________________.
II. Подберите к вопросам ответы.
1. Who are you? a) I'm in the kitchen.
2. Where are you? b) He's in the tent.
3. Who is he? c) They are my brothers.
4. Where is he? d) He is my teacher.
5. Who are they? e) I'm Laura.
III. Обведи правильный оборот. There is или There are
1. There is / There are a park next to my house.
2. There is / There are lots of houses in my town.
3. There is / There are a playground in the park.
4. There is / There are lots of flowers in the park.
IV. Напиши some или any.
1. Otto has got ______________ sardines.
2. Have you got_________spaghetti?
3. We have got ________________cheese.
4. They haven't got _________________ice cream.
5. Has she got ___________rice?
V. Напишите слова в правильные колонки.
Bananas, biscuits, bread, cake, carrots, cheese, chocolate, crisps, milk,
orange juice, pears, pizza, sweets. tomatoes, water.
VI. Дополни предложения, используя have to (+) или dont have to(-).
1. You___________wear the uniform at school. (+)
2. You___________run during the breaks. (-)
3. You___________whash the dishes. (+)
4. You___________play computer at night. (-)
5. You___________be polite. (+)
VII. Напиши перевод
VII. Прочитай текст, вставь вместо пропусков слова
Mangoes friendly shop greengrocer uniform have to
My big sister Emma is a 1) _____________. She works at a big 2) ________. There are a lot of
apples, pineapples and 3)___________ in her shop . She has to wear a 4) _____________. She
doesn`t 5) ____________ work at night. Emma is very kind and 6) _______________ and
people love her.
VIII. Составь предложения.
1. often / How / you / do / play / soccer?
2. sometimes / Pam / Saturdays./ goes / cinema / to / on / the
3. always / He / friendly. / is