Module test-5 Spotlight-11

Spotlight-11 Module test-5
I. Choose the correct item.
1. Shall/Would we go to the beach tomorrow? Yes, that’s a great idea.
2. I must/can’t do something to help the environment but I don’t know what.
3. You should/ought recycle glass. We help the environment this way.
4. We mustn’t/needn’t go shopping this week, we’ve got plenty of food.
5. You can’t/ shouldn’t buy any products you don’t really need.
6. I didn’t need to ask/needn’t have asked the way to Lewes, because I’d been there before.
7. We produce too much rubbish. We must\may try to cut down on waste.
8. Did you get some money from the bank? No, I didn’t need to/needn’t. I had enough in my
9. Jennifer could/might spell her name before she was three.
10. I wonder if Robert and Jack have got lost. They can’t/mustn’t have got lost because I gave
them a map.
II. Fill in : warehouses, market, slate, run-down, rough, capital, roof, drain, full, stained.
1. I come from a small … in the north of England.
2. Don't just throw your money down the ….. .
3. The door had a beautiful ….. glass panel in it.
4. An urban redevelopment scheme can turn disused …..into luxury flats.
5. Do you know what the ….. city of Croatia is?
6. The council have fixed up a lot of ….. buildings in my town lately.
7. Many people would be happy just to have a ….. over their heads.
8. We turned the corner and the house came into ….. view.
9. The house had a steep ….. roof.
10. Unfortunately, lots of people sleep … many cities.
III. Fill in: without, in, up, beyond, at, of, in.
1. Nick needs to have the porch fixed. It is ……….very bad condition.
2. I had to do ……….electricity while the repairmen fixed the cables.
3. That hockey match has really done me ………. I feel like I could sleep for days.
4. The computer has shut down again. I’ll ask Sam to take a look ……….it.
5. I’m so tired lately. I’m in need ………. A long holiday!
6. This washing machine is ……….repair. We have no choice but to throw it out.
7. If you don’t do ……….your laces, you are going to fall over!
8. Our office is within easy reach ……….the bus station. It’s only a five-minute walk.
9. They had to do ……….dictionary at the lesson.
10. Ann is doing ……….her living room at the moment. She wants to make it bright and
IV. Fill in the gaps with the right words. There is one extra word:
descendants commuters abandoned exterior do up.
1. Many........ started complaining when they heard the 8:00 train would be delayed.
2. Ethan wanted to paint the ........... of this house dark green.
3. Modern Mexicans are ……..of the Mayan civilization.
4. Homeless people occasionally find shelter in the …..warehouse down the street.