Комплексный контроль раздел 3 "Animals in the city" 6 класс по УМК «Сферы»

3 years old, female
Please, help us find our dog. Lost not far Central Park
near Blue Lake Café on Monday 10
June at 4 pm
500 Reward for safe return
Tel. 011 5889 0954
Комплексный контроль по УМК «Сферы» под редакцией Алексеева А.А. для 6
класса, раздел 3 «Animals in the city».
Задание 1. Аудирование. Listen and choose the correct answer.
1. Fred the Fox is a…
a) film
b) series
c) thriller
d) documentary
e) cartoon
4. Yesterday Ken watched…
a) Batman
b) Dancing Stars
c) Youtube
d) Fred the Fox
e) Clever Heads
2. Fred is a special fox because he…
a) dances
b) helps the police
c) plays football
d) talks
e) draws
5. Clever Heads is…
a) sports programme
b) quiz show
c) dance show
d) comedy programme
e) talk show
3. Dancing Stars is…
a)BBC 1
b)BBC 2
c)ITV 1
d)ITV 2
6. The football match starts at…
a) 5-30 pm
b) 6-30 pm
c) 7-30 pm
d) 8-30 pm
e) 9-30 pm
Задание 2. Чтение. Read the advertisement. Write TRUE or FALSE
1. The dog is lost.
2. The dog's name is Susy.
3. The dog is a female.
4. The dog was lost on Monday morning.
5. The dog was lost in Central Park.
6. There is a reward for finding the dog.
Задание 3. Лексика. Fill in the gaps.
angrily quickly beautifully dangerously badly carefully
1. Mike is a racer. He drives_________________.
2. Jane did the test well. She did every task _______________.
3. Mrs Black is singing _________________.
4. Mr Brown is speaking so ____________________. I don’t understand him.
5. She is angry. He is looking at me so ________________________.
6. The actors played _______________. We didn’t like the performance.
Задание 4. Лексика. Link the sentences choosing the appropriate word.
1. I found a hedgehog (and/but/because) took it to the clinic.
2. A fox is beautiful (and/but/so) dangerous.
3. I have much time before school (because/so/when) I can go for a walk.
4. (Before/After/Because) I get up in the morning, I feed my pet.
5. My budgie is clever (because/and/ so) funny.
Задание 5. Грамматика. Complete the sentences with the right forms of the verbs.
1. I _________________(have) problems with my pet if I don’t take care of it.
2. If he ___________________(find) a baby hedgehog, he will give it some water and keep
it warm.
3. If we don’t feed our pets, they _________________________(not/survive).
4. What will you do if your pet _____________(be) ill?
5. If Jane plays with her pet, it __________________(be) happy.
Задание 6. Письмо. Answer the questions.
1) Have you got a pet?
2) What animals can we keep as pets?
3) What should you do to take care of your pet?