Алгоритм описания картинки. ВПР. 7 класс

Алгоритм описания картинки. ВПР.7 класс.
I’d like to describe picture 1 ( 2, 3).
1. The picture shows
a young /an old woman /man
a small boy/girl
two boys/girls
2. I think the photo was taken
in the library/ the street/ the car/the water/ the forest/the park/ the classroom/the garden /the
school gym/ the countryside / the yard/ his room / the kindergarten
at school/the swimming pool/the library/ the shop/the port/the (railway) station/the concert/the
exhibition/the stadium / the stop/ the factory/ the theatre/ the cinema/ the museum/the lesson/
home / the river/the seaside/a cafe
on the train
3. She/He is/they are looking at the camera/ having fun/ looking (at the camera/at us/ /down at his feet /
through the window)/ smiling/thinking about something/sitting (at the table/on the bench/ under the tree/
in the car/on the floor/on the sofa)/ playing (in the park)/ writing something on the blackboard/ in her(his)
notebook/watering plants/listening to music/running (towards us)/ swimming in the pool/reading/doing
homework/smiling/ doing a task in her copybook / reading a book( in a hammock/ in the garden)/ solving
Maths problems /standing (at the blackboard/ somewhere in the park)/ riding a bike through the park or
the forest/snowboarding in the park/doing her(his) shopping /having breakfast/lunch/walking in the park
/playing in the park /playing (football/chess/the piano/the guitar/ snowballs/with his/her toys) / warming
up before the concert /skating(skiing) in the park /tobogganing painting /watching a film /TV /eating a
sandwich/drawing on the pavement with (a piece of) chalk/ rowing /drinking coffee /decorating the room/
working on the computer /diving /making a snowman /going boating on the lake / roller skating /
driving a car/browsing the Internet / lying on the sofa/cooking/ shaking smb’s hand/ picking flowers/fruit/
talking with /having fun /having Maths class/singing/dancing / having a picnic/relaxing on.
He/she enjoys what he/she is doing.
The weather is warm and sunny/ rainy and cloudy/snowy and windy.
I think it is summer/autumn/spring/winter.
4.The girl / boy looks like she/he is about … years old.
She /He is tall/short/ of medium height.
She / he has … eyes and dark / fair/long (to the shoulders)/short/straight/wavy/curly hair.The girl / boy
is wearing a school uniform/casual clothes/a black/light cap/skirt/ T-shirt/ shirt/ blouse/sweater/ jacket/
coat/sport outfit/ scarf/ dress/ raincoat/ hat/ sweater/vest/pyjamas/helmet/ suit/tie and blue/red kneepads
/sunglasses /jeans/trousers/shoes/boots/sandals /gloves/shorts/trainers.
He/she has got a chalk/a bag/a ball/ a toy in his hand.
He/She seems to look/They seem to look
5.I like this picture because I am fond of active games/ doing sports/ reading/ watching TV.
Frankly speaking I don’t like this picture because I’m not fond of _______ing.
It is all I wanted to say. I hope you liked my answer.