Контрольная работа "Present Simple, Present Continuous & Past Simple"

Контрольная работа на тему Present Simple, Present Continuous
& Past Simple
Упражнение 1. Present Simple, Present Continuous & Past Simple
1. She … (read) a book every evening.
2. My mum … (read) a book now.
3. ….you (read) a book yesterday?
4. At the moment she ... (be) at the circus.
5. Dogs … (run) very fast.
6. …..she (be) in the park two days ago?
7. He usually … (have) dinner at 7 o’clock.
8. I… (visit) my aunt tomorrow.
9. Last Sunday she … (not ride) a bike as the weather … (be) cold.
10. Look! He … (be) in the yard. He can … (ride) a bike rather well.
11. Children … (do) homework every day?
12. Mary… (do) homework 2 days ago?
13. Now my friend... (sit) on the balcony and … (write) an e-mail.
14. Barbara… (not watch) the film at the weekend.
15. Today my mum ... (cook) special dinner as I … (have) a party.
16. She… (invite) Peter on her birthday?
17. Bob… (come) yesterday?
18. Every Monday Dorothy … (get up) at 7, but today she … (get up) at 9.
19. Bill … (not have) English yesterday.
Упражнение 2. Complete the pairs of sentences. Use the Present Perfect in one sentence and
the Past Simple in the other.
1. I (know) _______ her for six years.
I (know) _______ him when I was at school.
2. He (live) _______ in Paris from 1997 to 2000.
He (live) _______ in New York since 2001.
3. Where's Pete? I (not see) _______ him for ages.
I (not see) _______ Pete last night.
4. We (be) _______ at primary school from 1993 to 1998.
We (be) _______ in this class since September.
5. I (not watch) _______ this video yet.
I (not watch) _______ a video at the weekend.
Упражнение 3. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or in the Present Perfect.
1. I ________ (never/ be) to the USA. I ______ (want) to go there last summer but I couldn’t.
2. He _______ (live) in this street all his life.
3. His father ________ (come back) to London last Sunday.
4. Yan __________ (write) a letter to Nick two days ago.
5. He ________ (send) his letter yesterday.
6. They ________ (just/ buy) some postcards.