Контрольная работа по английскому языку "Твое здоровье зависит от тебя" 6 класс

Контрольная работа по английскому языку 6 класс
по теме "Твое здоровье зависит от тебя?"
1. Reading
Here is a story from the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by R. Dahl.
Difficult situation.
The cruel weather went on and on.
And every day, Charlie Bucket grew thinner and thinner. His face became frighteningly
white. The skin was drawn so tightly over the cheeks that you could see the shapes of the bones
underneath. It seemed doubtful whether he could go on much longer like this without becoming
dangerously ill.
And now, very calmly, he began to make little changes here and there in some of the
things that he did, so as to save his strength. In the mornings, he left the house ten minutes earlier
so that he could walk slowly to school, without ever having to run. He sat quietly in the
classroom during break, resting himself, while the others rushed outdoors and threw snowballs
and wrestled in the snow. Everything he did now, he did slowly and carefully.
Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?
1. Charlie Bucket looked like a skeleton. ___
2. The boy began to save his strength. ___
3. Charlie Bucket didn't go to school. ___
4. Charlie had a rest during the break. ___
5. During the break Charlie played snowballs in the street. ___
2. Vocabulary
1. What time is it when you should go to the dentist?
a. in an ambulance
2. How does a very sick man go to hospital?
b. a cold
3.What can go up and come down without moving?
c. toothache
4. What can you catch but not throw?
d. laughter
5. What is the best medicine?
e. the temperature
3. Grammar
1) Use should or shouldn't:
a. You ___ clean your teeth every day.
b. You ___ run in corridor.
c. You ___ have a medical check.
d. You ___ take care of yourself.
e. You ___ play computer games much.
2) Translate into English:
a. Ты уже помыл руки?
b. Мы только что позвонили доктору.
c. Сегодня я приехал в школу на велосипеде.
d. Он уже был на медосмотре в этом году.
e. Она еще не посоветовалась с врачом.
Контрольная работа по английскому языку 6 класс
по теме "Твое здоровье зависит от тебя?"
Francesco came to hospital with his parents.
What happened in the hospital?
Francesco said goodbye to his mother and father, and then they left. Bill, one of the other boys in his
room, said, pointing to a boy on a bed, “That’s Rubin. He had an operation this morning, and so he’s
sleeping a lot today.” “Have you ever had an operation?” he asked Francesco. “I will have my tonsils out
(удалят гланды) tomorrow,” said Francesco. Bill had his appendix taken out.
When Rubin woke up, the three boys talked for a while. Bill remembered something and pushed his
button to call the nurse.
“Have you forgotten my tablet?” asked Bill when Mrs Bloom came to the doorway.
“The doctor said you shouldn’t have one tonight,” she answered. “Does your stomach hurt?”
“No,” said Bill.
In a few minutes, Bill was asleep. Francesco missed his parents. But it was good to know that all the
hospital workers were there to help his doctor help him. He was glad that Rubin and Bill were sharing his
room with him.
“And tomorrow I’ll meet some more new friends,” he thought, and then he fell asleep.
(from “The Young Children’s Encyclopedia”)
1. The information is true or false
a) Mrs Bloom had appendicitis. c) Rubin will have an operation.
b) Francesco works in the hospital. d) Bill has had the operation on his
1. If you don’t want to have the flu you should follow some advice.
Fill in the gaps with MUST, MUSTN’T and SHOULDN’T.
0 You shouldn’t put ice in your juice.
1 You ___ visit a pediatrician.
2 You ___ go to school.
3 You ___ go without a warm sweater.
4 You ___ stay in bed.
5 You ___ spend much time in shops.
2. Here is the doctor’s report about Jane’s visit.
Fill in the doctor’s report.
Jane (0) has never had (have) toothache. She (1) ___ never ___ (break) her arms. But she (2)
___ (break) her leg last year. She (3) ___ already ___ (go) to the hospital this year and (4) ___ just
___ (have) a medical check. She (5) ___ (be) an absolutely healthy girl.
4. What health problems do these children have?
Choose the correct word.
0 Nick doesn’t feel bad/ well and he has gone to the doctor’s.
1 I have eaten much jam. Now I have headache/earache/stomachache.
2 Ruth has got toothache. She should go to the pediatrician/dentist/surgeon.
3 I didn’t go to school because I had cold/a cold.
4 Jack has a sore throat. He must use a plaster/put ice/put a warm compress.
5 Joe’s cat has broken its leg. Joe should take him to the surgeon/vet/pediatrician.
How well do you know British and American culture?
Mark the statements with T if they are true and with F if they are false.
1. 16.00 is fourteen o’clock. ___
2. Your medical history is notes about your health. ___
3. Maize is an animal. ___
4. Turtles usually have elephantlike legs. ___
5. A general practitioner is a family doctor. ___
Вариант - 1
1. Reading
1. T; 2. T; 3. F; 4. T; 5. F
2. Vocabulary
1.c; 2. a; 3. e; 4. b; 5.d
3. Grammar
1. a. should; b. shouldn't; c. should; d. should; e. shouldn't.
2. a. Have you already washed your hands.
b. We have just phoned the doctor.
c. I have ridden a bike to school today.
d. He has already had a medical check this year.
e. She has not consulted the doctor yet.
Вариант 2