Тест для 6 класса (учебник «Rainbow English” 2 часть тест 1)

Тест для 6 класса (учебник «Rainbow English2 часть тест 1)
1. Перепишите и переведите следующие слова на русский язык:
Arrive, rocky, round, avenue, belong, hunt, hope, voyage, still, gold, sail, so,
grassland, tribe, wigwam, discover, ceremony.
2. Вставьте необходимые слова по смыслу в предложения, слова даны
1) Chistopher Columbus _____America in 1492. 2) He was a great ____.
3) He made a lot of sea ______before sailed west. 4) He knew that our
planet is ___. 5) He met some people who lived there and gave them name
Indians, sailor, round, discovered, voyages.
3. Вставьте нужные предлоги в предложения(in / at):
1) He arrived ___the hotel.2) We arrived ____the market. 3) She arrived
____the theatre. 4) I shall arrive ____Europe. 5) They will arrive
4. Соотнесите слова с их значениями:
1) Manhattan
a) The largest state
2) Little Italy
b) Is a very important business
3) Chinatown
c) A region where you can eat
4) Alaska
d) is famous for their tasty food
and Asian traditions
5. Дополните предложения, используя правильную форму глагола:
1. If John (bring) the book, I (read) about American history.
2. If she (not, know) anything about it, we (tell) her.
3. When James (arrive) in New York, he (show) me the streets of the city.
4. I hope we (visit) Little Italy when we (come) to Manhattan.
5. We (go) to Broadway as soon as we (arrive) in New York.