Тест по английскому языку 8 класса по УМК "Spotlight 8"

Test 1.
Variant I.
I.Fill in the adjectives: shy,stubborn,selfish,sociable,optimistic, patient.
1. Jane doesn’t feel comfortable with people because she is very…….
2. He doesn’t care about others feeling. He’s so………………
3. She has got a lot of friends. She’s……………………
4. Claire’s………… She can stay calm in different situations.
II. Translate the words.
1. Rather tall
2. Almost bald
3. Talkative
4. Humorous
5. Strong
III. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tenses.
1……..you (ever meet) a real wolf?
2. I (think) about buying a new computer.
3. Mike (not start) his work at 9:00 am.
4. Sam always (call) us late at night.
5. His clothes (be) dirty because he (repair) the car.
6……Bob (taste) his tea?
IV. Put the verbs in brackets using will or going to.
1. Why are you turning on the television? - I __ a film. (I / watch)
2. Oh, I've just realized. I haven't got any money. - Haven't you? Well, don't worry. __ you some. ( I / lend)
3. I've got a headache. - Have you? Wait a second. __ an aspirin for you. (I / get)
4. Why are you filling those buckets with water? - __ the car. (I / wash).
5. I've decided to repaint this shed. - Oh, have you? What colour __ it? (you / paint)
6. Where are you going? Are you going shopping? - Yes, __ something for lunch. (I / buy)
V. Make the degrees of comparison.
1. Is the word «blackboard” (long) ______________ than the word “window”?
2. This man is (tall) ____________ than that one.
3. Which building is (high) _______________ in London?
4. Today the weather is (cold) ______________ than it was yesterday.
5. This exercise is not difficult. It’s (easy) ___________________ I expected.
Test 1.
Variant II.
I.Fill in the adjectives: easy-going, optimistic, stubborn, shy, sensitive.
1. You are so………………….! You never listen to anyone!
2. Bob is ………………… He likes meeting people.
3. He blushes every time I talk to him. He’s so ………………….
4. Fred is ………..and caring. He’s always understands how others feel.
II. Translate the words.
III. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tenses.
1.You always (lose) your key!
2. What (look) at?
-These photos.
3.We (already visit) three museums in St. Petersburg.
4. She (not drink) a hot cup of English tea.
5.We (try) to find his tickets for the concert for three weeks.
6.They (fit) an air-conditioner in their flat.
IV. Put the verbs in brackets using will or going to.
1. Look out! We _____________ crash!
2. "There's the doorbell." "I ______________ go."
3. We promise that if you vote for us we ____double your income in twelve months.
4. "It's very cloudy, isn't it?" "Yes, I think it _____rain."
5. I wonder what she __________________ do next.
6. "Can somebody answer the phone?" "I _____________________."
V. Make the degrees of comparison.
1. Jeremy is 10 years old. Julie is 8 years old. Jeremy is (old) ____________ Julie
2. The Alps are very high. They are (high) ____________________ mountains in Europe.
3. An ocean is (large) _________________ a sea.
4. A Rolls Royce costs a lot of money. A Twingo costs less money. A Rolls Royce is (expensive)
______________ a Twingo.
5. William's results were bad. Fred's results were very poor. Fred's results were (bad)