Презентация "What is hot with the young generation?"

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What is hot with the young generation? Цели:
  • Повторение изученной лексики
  • Развитие навыков устной речи
  • Выражение отношения к различным субкультурам
1. Phonetic exercises
  • ( t) teen, style, lifestyle, distinct, try, to try out, reject, identity
  • [e] rebel, rebellion, rebellious, reject, express, reggae, prefer, really, group, problem
  • [ai] violent, violence, lifestyle, biker, bikers, type, like, style, design, right, light
  • [o] rock, rocker, mod, from, option, conform, hot, not, a lot, wrong, want
  • [w] was, were, want, wanted , world, war, wear, why, wizard
Translate into English:
  • агрессивный, образ жизни, субкультура, ценности, образ, отвергать, протестовать, выражать, наркотики , жестокий, общество
Give the English words meaning the following 1. A young person from 13 up to 19. 2. A group of young people having the same lifestyle. 3. An aggressive company of teens. 4. Drawings on walls. 5. Something cruel, not friendly. 6. To say “ No.” Agree or disagree : 1. There are a lot of subcultures in the world. 2. Rock”n”roll is popular with punks. 3. Reggae is aggressive. 4. Hippies wear black leather clothes. 5. Elvis Prestley was fond of rock”n”roll. 6. Leather jackets are typical for rockers.
  • Answer the questions:
  • 1. Who dresses in a shocking way? 2. Who has brightly coloured hair?
3. Who rebels against the society? 4. Who wants to change the world to the best?
  • 5. Who looks as pale and thin as possible?
  • 6. Who likes to talk about the end of the world?
Describe the subculture: -image -values -music Why do teens choose a subculture? What do you think about…? My choice… Testing Our results