Конспект урока "Generation M" 8 класс

Конспект урока в 8 классе Тема: “Generation M
Вид урока: Чтение текста, введение и отработка новой лексики.
Место урока в разделе: первый, вводный урок.
Цель: введение нового лексического и социокультурного материала
Образовательные: - продолжить формирование навыков работы с
иноязычным текстом (чтение с частичным
пониманием, поисковое чтение);
- введение и отработка новой лексики;
- формирование навыка работы с англоязычными
толковыми словарями (English-English dictionaries);
Развивающие: - развивать внимание и память;
- развивать аналитическое мышление;
- развивать умение выражать и обосновывать свое
- развивать языковую и речевую компетентность;
Воспитательные: - формировать умение работать в группах, парах;
- формировать уважительное отношение к мнению
- поддерживать высокий уровень мотивации к
изучению английского языка.
Формы работы: групповая, индивидуальная.
Методы: наглядный, практический.
Используемые материалы:
Учебник и рабочая тетрадь УМК Spotlight-8 / Ю.Е. Ваулина, Дж. Дули, О.Е.
Подоляко, В. Эванс.- М.: Express Publishing : Просвещение, 2009
Online словари:
презентация в PowerPoint
раздаточный материал
1.Организационный момент
2.Речевая зарядка, введение темы
Where do you go every day? What do you do at school? Why do you go to
So, today we are going to start learning new module, new topic Education.
I think you’ll agree that education is one of the main parts of our life. Слайд 1
Education how can you define it? What is education for you? Find several
definitions of “education” in various dictionaries. Choose the one you agree with
and explain your choice. Use the following links:
Which gadgets have you got in your pockets and bags?
How do you think they (gadgets) help you to study or not? Why?
Let’s remember which gadgets people have for studying and entertaining.
As our main topic is education today we are going to know how gadgets influence
on studying.
3.Работа по теме
Open your books on page 106.
Look at the pictures. What are the teenagers doing? What are there around
Now look at the title of the text. Слайд 2
Do you know what it means? Can you explain? How does it refer to the pictures?
Today we should know the meaning of the phrase “generation M” and how
gadgets affect on people.
First of all I’d like us to look up in the dictionary the explanation of the word
“generation”, “generation M”.
Разделить на пары или группы
Слайд 3: с первыми предложениями каждого абзаца текста
Now you will work in pairs (groups)
You will read the first sentences of each paragraph and guess what the
paragraphs are about. You may write your supposition on paper.
Зачитывают или высказывают свои предположения.
Now let’s read the text in groups and check your suppositions.
В группах читают.
What is the first paragraph about? (second, third, fourth)
What does “M” mean?
Now I’d like to check how well you understand the text. I’ll give you the paper
with the task.
Read the sentences and mark them T (true), F (false), NS (not stated). When you
look for information and decide if it’s true or not also mention the lines of the text
where you find this information.
- Lisa is doing her homework only while her eyes are fixed on the computer
screen. _____F (l.2-3)
- She is doing five different things simultaneously (=at the same time). ___T(l.3-7)
- Her parents disapprove (=don’t like) multi-tasking while studying. _____T(l.7-9)
- Multi-tasking influences negatively in four ways. _____ NS (l.20)
- Russell Poldrack describes the negative effect of multi-tasking. _____T(l.21-22)
Слайд с ответами
Look at ex.3
There is 1 question and 3 sentences that you should finish. You have 4 choices.
Let’s remember how to work with this task. слайд
1. Read the question or the sentence
2. Find the part of the text the question refers to
3. Go through the choices and choose the one that fits best
Now work in groups.
Words frequently=often, simultaneously=at the same time, ordinary=usual слайд
Let’s check. What is the first answer?
Prove it according to the text. Say the line where you have found the answer.
Слайд с ответами
1-C (A l.5, B l.6, D l.4), 2-C (l.14), 3-B (l.25-26), 4-D (l.34-36)
Лексическая работа
As you know having good language means having extensive, rich vocabulary. As
you have mentioned in the text there are words in bold.
In ex.4 there are synonyms for them. Match synonymic words. If you don’t know
the meaning of a word you may use your dictionary. Pay attention to the form of
the word and the parts of the speech they refer to.
Слайд с ответами
Let’s work with the new words. WB p.64 ex.3
Ex.2 Use the text to find the missing words, the first letter is given.
Проверка слайд
Using this text and the missing words make up a short summary about your
group. Are you typical Generation M teenagers?
1. How often do you have face-to-face communication except at school? How do
you usually communicate?
2. How often do you use the Internet to stay in touch with your friends? Are you
often online?
3. What about your parents? Do they often tell you off for multi-tasking?
4. Can you live in the fast-paced world without any gadgets?
4. Итог
Are you a part of Generation M? Let’s read the last two lines of the text.
Book p.106 ex.5.
5. Домашнее задание
Watch a video on Youtube
The name of the video ‘A vision of students today’ (posted by user mwesch
Compare the video with yourself:
How many hours do you spend doing the same things?
3:32 3:40 What do you think of this statement?