Презентация "Easter in Great Britain" 6 класс

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Easter in Great Britain Easter comes in spring (in March or April). It is a religious celebration and lasts for a week. This holiday dedicates to Jesus Christ resurrection (воскрешению Иисуса Христа) - Christ is risen - He is risen indeed Easter Symbols
  • Eggs
  • Hats (bonnets)
  • Church (the cross)
  • Rabbits (bunnies)
  • Chickens
Easter Tree The three most important days are: Maundy Thursday (Великий четверг) Good Friday (Страстная пятница) Easter Sunday (Пасхальное воскресенье)
  • On Maundy Thursday the king or a queen of England gives money to poor people. The tradition is very old.
On Good Friday people eat fish instead of meat. They also eat special hot cakes with a cross on the top. They call these cakes hot cross buns. On Easter Sunday people eat a traditional roast dinner with lamb, potatoes and vegetables. They also give each other chocolate Easter eggs. Children like Easter very much because it is a tasty holiday. All the families colour eggs and put them into green, yellow and pink baskets. Next morning children are busy with hunting eggs and chocolate bunnies. They play funny games and sing Easter songs. The Game “Eggs Rolling” Match:
  • bunny
  • Великий четверг
  • bonnet
  • Пасхальный кролик
  • Easter Sunday
  • Страстная пятница
  • Hot cross bun
  • Пасхальная шляпка
  • Easter egg
  • Горячая пасхальная булочка
  • Maundy Thursday
  • яйцо
  • Good Friday
  • Пасхальное воскресенье
The Game “Find the Presents” Easter Day in Britain has a lot of traditions and habits We live in Russia. So we are Russian and orthodox (православные) people. Our Easter will be soon. We congratulate you with this holy and light day! We wish you to meet it with joy and hope! Happy Ester!