Тест "Rainbow" 9 класс

Rainbow English 9
Test 1
№1. Choose the appropriate form of the verb (present simple passive or present continuous passive) to complete
the sentences.
1) Jazz music (is always played/ is always being played) in the streets of New Orlean.
2) The guest (are served/are being served) in the restaurant at the moment.
3) When the necessary data (is found/is being found), you can save it in the computer.
4) our luggage (is checked/ is being checked) at the customs now.
5) Music (is turned/is being turned) down after 11 p.m. in big cities.
№2. Choose the appropriate form of the verb (past simple passive or past continuous passive) to complete the
1) A laptop and a printer (were bought/were being bought) for Timmy yesterday.
2) When I saw Kim at the gas station, his car (was filled/was being filled).
3) The news (was still broadcast/was still being broadcast) when the kids turned the TV-set on.
4) As it was a really hot summer, the roses (were watered/were being watered) at dawn every day.
5) The Taj Mahal (was constructed/ was being constructed) in North India in the 17
№3. Choose the appropriate form of the verb (present perfect passive or past perfect passive) to complete the
1) A new film about World War II (has been shot/had been shot) the day before.
2) More than 100 expeditions (have been sent/had been sent) to that dangerous region to save people. There is
no danger now.
3) The teacher said the new printers and scanners (have been bought/had been bought) by the sponsors.
4) The presentation (has been spoiled/had been spoiled) by some irresponsible students.
5) Some programmes for disabled children (have been installed/had been installed) in the shopping centre.
№4. Choose the appropriate pronoun s in brackets to complete the sentences.
1) The current news is terrible. (It/They) can make everybody sad.
2) The police do a lot of good things. (It/They) can help people a lot.
3) Jane’s hair is black. You can call (it/them) raven black.
4) Granny’s advice helped me a lot. (It/They) also saved me from some trouble.
5) I like your jeans. Where did you buy (it/them)?
5.Use the prefixes with negative meaning to make new words.
1) legal ___________
2) agree ___________
3) polite ___________
4) regular ______
5) moral________
6) stop ______
7) like _______
8) able _______
9) clear _______
10) sense ________
11) ability ___________
12) responsible _________
№6. Use the words from the box to complete the sentences. There are 2 extra words you don’t have to use.
Advertised, create, humiliate, current, instead, rudeness, irresponsible, serial, threat, inability, broadcast, shameless
1) I can’t approve of your ____ to solve such simple problems.
2) How do I _____ a new file? Will you teach me?
3) This new perfume has been ____ in all the major women’s magazines.
4) Why did you leave little Johnny alone in the street? It’s most______.
5) I don’t think your offer can _______ Walter. There is nothing wrong about offering help.
6) There are several reasons for the ______ political situation.
7) Have you seen the latest _____ by Mr Rodger Craft.
8) How can you explain your ______ to the other members of the team.
9) I don’t like lemons. Can I have some milk with my tea _____?
10) This time his ______ lie didn’t surprise anybody.