Открытый урок по английскому языку "My House" 5 класс

Мегино-Алданская агротехнологическая средняя
общеобразовательная школа
Открытый урок
по английскому языку в 5 классе
тема: My House
Составила: учитель английского языка
Бурцева Виктория Владимировна
с. Мегино-Алдан, 2009г.
План открытого урока в 5 классе на базе ХСОШ 19.02.09
Тема: My House
1. Ознакомление и закрепление лексики по теме.
2. Практика учащихся в устной диалогической и монологической
3. Тренировка учеников в письменной речи.
4. Развитие эстетических чувств у учащихся.
1. Активизировать у учеников артикуляцию.
2. Познакомить учащихся с новыми словами.
3. Тренировать учеников в употреблении типовых фраз There is a,
There are, Its a. I like….
4. Практиковать учащихся в выполнении устных и письменных
заданий повышенной сложности.
Ход урока
Good morning, boys and girls! Ребята, давайте познакомимся с
друг другом. My name is Jess. I am a house designer. And you? What is
your name? Write your names on the badges with felt-tip-pens.
Now, look at the picture and guess the name of our topic. That’s
right our topic is “My house”. Today we’ll talk about your houses and
you’ll plan your own houses. Do you like your house? I like my house very
Repeat the poem after me:
Some people live in the city
Where the houses are very tall.
Some people live in the country
Where the houses are very small.
But in the country where the houses are small,
The gardens are very big.
And in the cities where the houses are tall
There are no gardens at all.
Please, look at the picture and tell me what is it? Do you know what
is it? Whose house is it? Yes, it is. The Buckingham palace is the London
home of the British Royal family. Look at the other houses: a skyscraper
небоскреб, a cottage коттедж, загородный дом, a country house
деревенский дом, a block of flats многоквартирный дом, a terraced
house дом с верандой, an igloo - иглу, жилище эскимосов из
затвердевшего снега, a pile-dwelling дом на сваях, a tepee тепе,
жилище индейцев. What house do you have? I have a semi-detached
Now let’s talk about parts of the house: a fence забор, a garage
гараж, a wall стена, a window окно, a door дверь, a terrace
веранда, a mansard мансарда, a balcony балкон, a roof крыша,
a chimney труба.
Now we are going to play. I give you some pictures. You are sitting
in four teams. You must describe these houses using the words I’ve read.
What do you have in your houses? I have a kitchen, a living room, 2
bedrooms and a bathroom. Let’s look at the pictures and repeat these
words: a hall, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a terrace.
Tell me what rooms do you have?
Then according to the plan of the house you should put pictures of
these rooms, tell me and your classmates about rooms in your houses. I
can show how to do it. It’s a ….
Answer my question, please. What is your favourite room? As for me
I like a living room. What things do we have in our living rooms? Look at
the pictures and repeat after me these words: a sofa, a TV set, an
armchair, a mirror, a lamp, a chair, a table, a wardrobe, a book shelf, a
clock, flowers, a fireplace.
Describe these living rooms using these words, please.
Скажите ребята, что нового вы узнали сегодня? Как вы думаете,
наш урок удался? Thank you for the lesson, for your answers. I wish you
a nice and hospitable house.
Read the text “Where I live”
My name is Sarah. I live with my mother and father in a flat. The flat
is on the fifth floor of a tall building. It has 14 floors and a car park in the
basement. My father parks his car there.
Our flat is not in the centre of the city. It is 3 kilometers from the
centre. My father works in the city so he goes to work by train every day.
He doesn’t drive his car. He uses his car only at weekends. Then he takes
us into the country or to the beach.
Our flat has three bedrooms. There is a bedroom for my mother and
father, one for me and one for my brother. There is a sitting room, a
kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. We do not have a garden, but there is a
small balcony. In summer we often sit on the balcony because it gets very
hot inside the flat. Our flat is small, but we are very happy in it.
1. Give short answers to these questions: Does Sarah live
in a flat? Yes, she does.
Is Sarah’s flat in the centre of the city? No, it isn’t.
Does Sarah have her own bedroom? Yes, she does.
Is Sarah’s flat big? No, it isn’t.
Do Sarah and her family sit on the balcony in summer?
Yes, they do.
2. Answer these questions in sentences
Who does Sarah live with? She lives with her mother,
father and brother.
Where does Sarah’s father work? He works in the city.
When does Sarah’s father use his car? He uses his car
only at weekends.
How many rooms are there in Sarah’s flat? there are
seven rooms in Sarah’s flat.
Are there plants in Sarah’s flat? If so, where? Yes, there
are some plants on the balcony.
3. Copy the true sentence about the passage.
Sarah lives on the top floor of the building.
Sarah often plays in the basement of the building.
When it is hot Sarah sometimes sits on the balcony.(true)
4. Look at the plans of flats and say: Which one is Sarah’s? Write the
names of these rooms. (1)
5. Read the sentences. Find the correct answer to the question at the
end. John lives on the 14th floor.
Peter lives on a lower floor than John but on a higher
floor than Alan.
Alan lives on the 12th floor.
Which floor does Peter live on? a. 14th b. 12th c. 11th d.
6. Complete the sentences about the picture. Tom lives in a block of
It has___________. Six floors.
He lives on________. The fourth floor.
His father parks____. His car in the basement.
It was last task of our lesson.
Let’s count your magnets and see the winners of our lesson.