Тест "Active / Passive Voice" 9 класс

Тест Active/ Passive Voice
Choose the correct variant:
1. We ... by a loud noise during the night.
woke up
are woken up
were woken up
were waking up
2. A new supermarket is going to ... next year.
be built
be building
3. There’s somebody walking behind us. I think ... .
we are following
we are being following
we are followed
we are being followed
4. ‘Where ...?’ ‘In London’.
were you born
are you born
have you been born
did you born
5. There was a fight at the party, but nobody ... .
was hurt
were hurt
6. Jane ... to phone me last night, but she didn’t.
is supposed
was supposed
7. Where ...? Which hairdresser did you go to?
did you cut your hair
have you cut your hair
did you have cut your hair
did you have your hair cut
8. ... during the storm.
They were collapsed the fence
The fence was collapsed
They collapsed the fence
The fence collapsed
9. The new computer system ... next month.
is being installed by people
is be installed
is being installed
is been installed
10. The children ... to the zoo.
were enjoyed taken
enjoyed being taken
were enjoyed taking
enjoyed taking
11. ... chair the meeting.
John was decided to
There was decided that John should
It was decided that John should
John had been decided to
12. This car is not going ... in the race.
to drive
to be drive
to driven
to be driven
13. Will these clothes ... by Saturday?
be make
be made
14. The mice ... the cheese.
have eaten
have been eaten
has eaten
has been eaten
15. When a student I ... to the discos every Friday night.
used to go
are used to go
use to go
were used to go