Конспект урока "Travelling" 3 класс

Theme: Travelling
The aim: to introduce pupils with transports (new words) and prepositions;
to develop pupils’ listening, speaking, reading, writing skills.
Teaching aids: CD-player, computer, cards, question-answer and books.
Visual aids: pictures of transport, list of new words and puzzle.
The procedure of the lesson
I. Org.moment.
- Greetings!
- Tell me, pupils, what date is it today?
- What day is it today?
II. Home task.
- Well, pupils let me check your homework. What was your home task?
- Ex 3. Your task is to make negative form of Present Simple. And you must to learn by heart new words.
- Ok! If you’re ready for yours homework, let’s begin to check. Who wants to answer?
New lesson
III. Main part.
- Well, you just talk about place of the world (new words). Tell me, what are we doing to see these
- We are travelling!
- Yes, you’re right.
- Well, let’s listen a song. (CD-player, track 60 ex1. p116)
- Good! Well, what about this song?
- Yes, of course, it is about ‘’Travelling’’
- And today our theme in our lesson ‘’Travelling’’
IV. Introduction of new words.
- Well, pupils, how do you think what we need, when we’re travelling?
- Transport of course. Ok! Let’s introduce with these transports.
- Now, I’ll give you today’s list of new words. And please look at the blackboard. You see here new
words. Let me, introduce with new words
Car автокөлік/машина
Bus - автобус
Bike - велосипед
Plane - ұшақ
Train - поезд
Ship - кеме
Metro - метро
To walk жаяу журу
- Ok! Let’s repeat after me. (children repeat after teacher)
- Good! And repeat this word with pictures.
V. Explaining rule. (Prepositions: by, to)
By bus, by car, by plane, etc.
To school, to London. to Astana, to home…
VI. Speaking
- Well, give me examples…(feedback)
VII. Listening.
- Well done! Let’s continue our lesson. I’ll show you video. Watch the video very attentively. (video
about ‘’Metro’’)
- Well, what about this video?
- Pupils say it is about ‘’Metro’’
- Yes, you’re right. (Teacher gives some information about Metro in Almaty.)
VIII. Reading.
- Now, you’ll read text about ‘’Metro’’. ( teacher asks questions about metro. Then she adds and compare
information about metro in Almaty and in London.)
IX. Warming-up.
Ok, pupils let’s do actions or exercises. Stand up. Watch the video and repeat actions.
X. Writing.
- Now I’ll give cards with tasks. Let me, explain this task. Your task is to translate these sentences into
Kazakh language. (use pencil) I give you 2 min. let’s begin.
1. I like travelling by train.
2. My family likes travelling.
3. I don’t like travelling by plane.
4. I go to school by bus.
5. She goes to school by car.
6. He goes to school by bike.
- Ok! If u have finished, you may read your translation. (pupils raise their hands and answer.) Very well,
thank u.
- Now, I’ll give puzzle. N u must to make these puzzles. (pupils in group make puzzle-transport.
- Ok! Tell us what transport is this?
XI. Doing task on the blackboard.
- Now, pupils we’ll do task on the blackboard. You must match the words with pictures.