Тест "Passive Voice" 7 класс

Passive Voice-2
I. Укажите, какая из перечисленных форм соответствует длительному действию, т.е.
аспекту Progressive/
a) have been V
b) be being V
c) be V
II. К какому времени и аспекту относятся следующие глагольные формы?
Содержание задания
is being explained, is explained, was explained, was being explained, had been explained, will
have been explained, will be explained, has been explained,
III. Какой английской форме соответствует данный русский перевод?
1) is being read
а) прочитали
2) has been read
б) читают (сейчас)
3) is read
в) читают (вообще)
IV. Переведите на английский язык только выделенные глаголы:
Все телеграммы отправлены? –Нет еще. Половина телеграмм отправлена вчера.
Остальные, кроме трех, напечатаны. Последние сейчас печатают. Их напечатают к часу
дня. (send, type)
V. Change Active into Passive
1) The postman delivers the letters.
2) They built this church in 1815.
3) The policeman has arrested the thief.
4) The Queen will open a new library.
5) He is writing a book.
6) You may open the window.
7) He must repair the car.
8) Someone is helping her with the homework.
VI. Ask questions to the underlined words.
1) The boys damaged the television.
2) Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa.
3) He invited 30 people to his party.
4) They grow bananas in Africa.
5) Columbus discovered America.
6) We keep money in a safe.
7) A bee stung my brother.
8) They speak Italian in Italy.
VII. Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple Passive or Past Simple Passive.
1) One man (catch) immediately.
2) The pet (feed) every day by a girl.
3) The thief ran away but he (find) by the policeman.
4) She (always/dress)in funny clothes.
5) Both boys (take) home where they (ask) questions by their parents.
6) He (say) to be my best friend.
7) The cathedral (build) by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire/