Упражнения "The Passive Voice" 7 класс

Rewiter the sentences in the passive.
Some one will meet you at the airport.
He hasn`t watered the plants.
George and Sarah arranged a fantastic party.
The mechanic hasn`t repaired the car.
They feed the animals twice a day.
Sam will fix the roof.
Cherry Lane launched their new menswear line.
Claire designed the red dress.
The clown will entertain the children.
He has mended the puncture.
Use the prompts to make sentences in the passive.
1. the ironing/share/Suzanne and David ( The ironing is shared by Suzanne and David.)
2. the house/clean/next weekend
3. the fence/paint/last Tuesday
4. the invitations/just/send
5. the stolen painting/not find/yet
6. the clothes/wash/tomorrow
7. the doctor/already/call
8. the washing-up/do/Joseph/every night
Correct the sentences.
1. The fire have been put out.
2. Her latest book can found at many bookshops.
3. The house cleaned every Friday.
4. My favourite song sung by Elton John.
5. You will invited to our wedding.
6. The ironing haven’t been done.
7. The car were serviced a week ago.
8. Gifts is always given at Christmas.
9. Many new houses will built in my street next year.
10. This sweater knitting by my mother.
Change these sentences.
Timber companies have destroyed one third of Sarawak`s forests.
The Penans leaders have sent letters to the UK.
Local politicians own the companies.
The forest provides the Penans` food.
Mud has polluted the clean rivers.
Lorries take the timber away.
Noise has frightened the animals.
The Penans have built a blockade.
Women and children stop the lorries.
The Penans will defend the forest.
Find past participles.