Внеклассное мероприятие "St. Valentine’s Day" 7 класс

“St. Valentine’s Day”
Ход мероприятия
Teacher: Good evening, dear boys and girls! You are welcome to our
holiday. Many happy returns to you on the St. Valentine’s Day.
Love! Happiness! Beauty! There are not so many days in a year when we
pronounce these pleasant words. Today you have an excellent chance to plunge
into the atmosphere of love and camaraderie, to take part in party- game, to
practice the use of some pleasant words and expressions on this special occasion.
Happy St. Valentine’s Day!
Here is a special valentine
With lots of love for you
And since you are very special
Here are hugs and kisses, too!
P 1: It is a very lovely holiday of all lovers and sweethearts, which dates
back to 14 th century. In Great Britain this holiday is celebrated as a youth festival.
St. Valentine’s Day has become very popular, too.
On this day people express their sympathy, love to their parents, boy and
girl-friends and all they send them little litters as called Valentines. You should
remember that the name isn’t sighed on the Valentine, because the addresser must
guess who has sent it. People usually give little presents to each other, if you want
to please you sweetheart.
P 2: St. Valentine’s Day is a religious holiday, which is celebrated in Great
Britain, in many European countries and in U S A. St. Valentine’s Day has roots in
several legends.
P3: Some historians believe that the St. Valentine’s Day came from
ancient Rome festival called “Lupercalis”. It was held to honour Faunas the god of
animal life and patron of husbandry. The legend tells they choose their mates and
begin build their nests on the 14 th of February
P4: В античном Риме день 14 февраля приходился на середину
веселого фестиваля, называемого луперкалиями. Устраивался этот праздник
в честь Пана- бога природы и Юноны- покровительницы женщин и
домашнего очага. Обычай требовал, чтобы во время луперкалий молодой
человек вытянул наугад из ящика имя незамужней девушки, которая
становилась затем его дамой сердца до конца фестиваля.
P5: Когда римляне приняли христианство, они назвали этот праздник
именем Святого Валентина. С годами легенды переплелись и дали, наконец,
рождение прекрасной истории любви.
P6: Other historians connect. St. Valentine’s Day with the Christian
church. But, to tell the truth there is no historical reason why St. Valentine should
be regarded. St. Valentine was a Christ and martyr, and he was considered to be an
Umbrian bishop executed by the Romans.
P7: One of the legends tells that this Christian martyr sent a note of
friendship to his jailer’s blind daughter before he was put to death.
There was another St. Valentine. He lived in Rome. When the Roman
Emperor Claudius 2 needed soldiers, he made a law against marring because he
felt that marriage made men want to stay at home instead of fighting wars. But at
that time there was a kindly priest named Valentine. He couldn’t agree with the
emperor’s decision. When he saw that young couples were truly in love, he
married them secretly
P8: Вот одна из легенд. Римскому императору Клавдию II нужны
были солдаты и, понимая, что женатые люди на войну не пойдут, издал указ
о запрещении браков. Однако, Валентин молодой священник с благородным
сердцем, сочувствовал влюбленным и тайно венчал всех, кто приходил к
нему. За это он был схвачен и приговорен к смертной казни.
P9: Незадолго до смерти он влюбился в дочь тюремщика. Девушка
была слепой, но Валентин совершил чудо любви - вернул ей зрение. Уходя
на казнь, он оставил ей прощальное любовное послание, подписанное “Твой
Валентин”. Это было 14 февраля 268 года.
P10: There are many other legends about. St. Valentine’s Day started, and
no one knows for sure whether any of them are true. There are a lot of traditions of
celebrating St. Valentine’s Day in different countries.
In Germany, for example, girls tried a different ways of learning whom they
would marry. They planted onions on St. Valentine’s Day. Each girl tagged onions
in a corner heart the fire place. She thought she would marry the man whose onion
sprouted first.
P 1: There many symbols of love. Each symbol has its meaning
Heart is the most common romantic symbol. It means eternal love. Candies,
cookies, cakes are made in heart shapes for Valentine parties.
Lace symbolizes a net for catching one heart. If you get a Valentine with a
piece of lace you may understand that a person who sent it must be crazy about
you .It means “You have caught my heart in your net “Another symbol of this
holiday is ribbon. It means that a person is tied up. You have tied me up, so you
are my girl”.
In old days ladies gave ribbons to their men when they went to war.
P2: Red roses are often used as the emblem of love, because a long time
ago people believed that all emotions lived in their heart. The rose was the
favourite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red is a colour that stands
for strong feelings. That is why the red rose is a flower of love. .
A ring is a symbol of engagement. When men or women became engaged or
marry they exchange rings. Valentine’s Day was a popular day for giving an
engagement ring.
A love knot.
A love knot has no beginning and no end. It is a symbol of endless love.
If you get a coin it means that a person would be married someone wealthy.
One of the early symbols of love is Cupid; the Roman God of Love, who is
represented as a young boy with a bow and arrow. He was a perfect archer and was
said to shoot his arrows into the human hearts. The person who was wounded
immediately fell in love.
Love birds and Dove
Love birds are parrots living in Africa and sit closely together in pairs.
Doves were birds of Venus.
Son of Venus is the goddess of love. He has magic arrows
Teacher: St. Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday. Banks, shops and
offices are open. But it is a little holiday for all people. There are parties and
dances everywhere. The hosts often trim the balls. They decorate halls, .rooms
with red and other colored hearts, roses, ribbons and other beautiful decorations.
There are parties in offices, people like gather together to celebrate this holiday
and we have gathered here today to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day
What is the first name for Valentine’s Day?
Why is the heart an appropriate symbol of Valentine’s Day?
What is the colour most often used in valentines?
What are the most popular gifts given loved ones and friends on Valentine’s
What feelings do these gifts usually express?
Who is the goddess of love? (Venus)
Who did Cleopatra love? (Mark Anthony)
Who was fell in love with Juliet? (Romeo)
Teacher: We have got two teams and we shall see which team knows more
about the holiday
Here are some activities for you:
Teacher: Here are two hearts with many words on them. Which words
can be connected with the holiday? Your task is to put a circle around these words
when you find them in a big heart.
Teacher: You know, if you want to be a good husband or a wife in the
future, you should know sweet words to tell your partner. And now you should
name all the sweet words you know One by one (.Команды по очереди называют
ласковые слова. Побеждает та команда, которая наберет больше очков. (За
каждое слово очко).
Teacher: Well, we are speaking about love, but what do you think love is
like? Now you are to answer this question! Please continue the phrase Love
Teacher: Now I see you know what love is, but what well-known lovers’
pairs can you name? (Команды получают сердечки, где написано имя одного
из влюбленных, они должны назвать пару).
Juliet/Romeo Desdemona/Othello
Eve/ Adam Captain Grey/Assol
Ophelia/Hamlet Lady Hamilton/Admiral Nelson
Cinderella/Prince Master/Margaret
Ruslan/Lyudmila Kay/Gerda
FatherFrost/Snegurochka Carmen/Don Hose
Tristan/Isolda John Lennon/Joke
Teacher: Very often people speak about love in poems and now you will
recite the poems!
My Valentine Heart
When I say I love you,
It comes from my heart.
You hear it in your eyes,
And sounds very smart.
I love it when you are proud of me,
You say it all day long.
And when I hear you say it,
My heart sings a merry song.
Valentine poem
Five nice valentines just for you
The first one says, “My love is true”.
The second one says You have my heart:
The third one says, Let us never part”.
The fourth one says, “Won’t you please be mine?”
The fifth one says,” Till the end of my life”.
Here is a valentine.
I made it just for you.
With paper and ribbons
And lots of Elmer’s glue!
I cut it with my scissors
And designed it with my paint.
If I tell you that I love you,
Do you promise not to faint?
Teacher: Oh, you are good poets! But sometimes we can’t just talk about
love, we must show it! So, try to pantomime these words to another team so that
they can name them. ( Команды получают сердечки со следующими словами,
которые они должны показать другой команде.)
A heart a flower
A kiss a guitar
Love a letter
Teacher: And now let’s talk again! You should know Valentine
Traditions. They are:
1) Many years ago in England, children dressed up as adults on
Valentine Day. They went singing from home to home.
2) Pick a dandelion. Blow on it. The seeds that stay are the number of the
children you will have.
3) Cut an apple. Count the seeds. The number of seeds is how many
children you will have.
4) Some people think that if a woman sees a robin fly on Valentine Day,
she will marry a sailor.
5) If she seeds a sparrow, she will marry a poor man and be happy.
6) If she sees a goldfinch, she will marry a millionaire.
Teacher: And now we shall see how many words you will able to make
out of this one. Sweetheart
Teacher: You know that on St. Valentine’s Day people make Valentine
Cards and send them to each other. So, try your best and make a Valentine Cards
now. (Используя картон, цветную бумагу и т .д. и свою фантазию, ребята
делают валентинки)
Teacher: Well, don’t you think that it’s time to talk about your love? For
this task we need a boy from one team and a girl from the other. And other way
round. But the main task is for boys, take these hearts and you’ll have some
minutes of what you’ll say to your sweethearts!
1) (My heart is…..a boiling kettle
Your heart is a diamond
Your lips are roses
Your eyes are stars
My love is the Universe)
Use: As hard as
As hot as
As bright as
As red as
As endless as
2) (My heart is fire
Your heart is ice
Your lips are honey
Your eyes are an ocean
My love is the sky)
Use: As cold as
As deep as
As hot as
As sweet as
As wide as
Teacher: Draw the picture of your sweetheart. ( Игроки по очереди с
завязанными глазами рисуют на доске портрет.)
Teacher: And our task is called “Finish the sentence.
- Part of your body........ a heart.
-Heart- shaped card .........a valentine.
- Man who cared for people ......St.Valentine
-Boy who shoots Arrows.............Cupid
-A kind of flower..........................a rose
-Used by Cupid an arrow
-Kind of candy................................chocolates
1. Игра Valentine Post Office
Teacher: Играющие усаживаются в круг, один человек - в центре
круга, и один человек за кругом Ученик за кругом будет почтальон.
Почтальон говорит I have a valentine from to ”?, называя при этом имена
участников игры. Эти два человека должны поменяться местами, в то время
как игрок в центре пытается занять место одного из них. Если Ему это
удается, то тот, кто остался без места, усаживается в центре круга
2. Игра “Mend a Broken Heart”
Teacher: Соедини половинки разрезанных сердечек с завязанными
3. Игра Correct the Mistake
Teacher: Для данной игры ученики делятся на пары. Каждая пара
получает карточку с заданием “Исправь ошибки”. Для выполнения задания
ученикам дается 2-3 минуты.
Deer, Mary!
I hope that Valentine’s Day shell brings и you love of fun! I thinks you are
every nice. And so does everyone!
Best weshes, John.
Key: Dear, Mary!
I hope that the Valentine’s Day shell bring you lots of fun! I think you very
nice. And so does everyone!
Best wishes, John
4. Игра “Red Thing Game
Teacher: Красный цвет- цвет праздника Святого Валентина.
Каждому участнику дают листок бумаги и ручку. По сигналу за 3 минуты
ученики должны написать как можно больше предметов красного цвета.
Побеждает тот участник, чей список окажется самым длинным.
5. Игра “Names”
Teacher: Think of 5 or 6 names of boys or girls you might make friends.
As you twist the stem of an apple, say the until the stem comes off. You will make
friends the person whose name you were saying when the fell off.
6. Игра “A fortune tree”
Teacher: Today we have unusual tree. . It is a fortune tree. It is decorated
with sweets, where you can find your fortune for the year. Do you want to know
your fortune? Come up and take your sweet.
Teacher: Dear boys and girls! Thank you very much for this wonderful
holiday! And now let’s our jury can say about our teams