Презентация "My Favourite Book" 9 класс

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Saint - Petersburg

School № 180 presents a booktrailer on the book

The Chronicles of Narnia


Lewis, Clive Staples


My Favourite Book

The Chronicles of Narnia

Outside the Second world war. Four children (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie), live with an elderly Professor in the village, while London, where their parents remained, exposed to the air raids of the Nazis.

During the game of hide-and-seek, Lucy discovers a magical wardrobe at the Professor’s house.


The wardrobe that the four Pevensie children discover is more than just a place to hang clothes. It is a magical portal to the land of Narnia

The wardrobe in the Professor's house is a portal through which you can get into a wonderful fairy land called Narnia, inhabited by many incredible creatures and people with magic powers

In this wonderful fairy land children meet Aslan, the wise and mighty Lion who is the King of Narnia

They meet the White Witch who wants to rule the kingdom and has made it always winter and never Christmas.

The children meet a host of human and animal friends and learn about loyalty, kindness and the consequences of actions taken as they help save the kingdom.

Read this book. You will have a lot of fun!

An English teacher

Elena Vasilievna Vasilieva

and the student of the 9th form

Anastasia Verman

worked over the booktrailer.

Software the slide show, soundtrack and stills from the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia” were used in this booktrailer