Открытый урок "Do you know English?" 7 класс

Открытый урок на «День открытых дверей»
ГОУ лицей-интернат №61
Учитель- Дамдинова Д.Б.
Тема -«Do you know English?» - интеллектуальная игра.
Вид урока - нестандартный
Тип урока - обобщающе-повторительный
Оборудование – интерактивная доска, компьютер, лингафонный кабинет
Цель урока:
практический аспект: активировать лексику по пройденным темам и грамматику.
Развивающий: развить умение использовать лексику и грамматику в новых
речевых ситуациях;
Образовательный: расширить знания по темам;
Воспитательный: воспитание уважения и терпимости к оппонентам
План урока
1. Introduction to the lesson
2. Phonetic exercises
3. The game
4. The conclusion.
1. Организационный момент. Приветствие. Вступительное слово.
Dear students, dear guests, today we are going to have an unusual lesson, we are going to play
the game to show other people how well we know English. Everything we have already learned
at school, at our lessons. This is a game, we have two groups which are going to compete in
their knowledge and skills. You are supposed to choose the topic and answer the question you’ll
see on the whiteboard. Take turn, please. You are supposed to answer the questions in turn in
every group so that everyone could be active. If you are right you can get dollars depending on
what question you have chosen. So, good luck to you.
2. Фонетическая зарядка. Отработка пословицы Where there is a will there is a way.
Read this proverb, please, and say what it means.
So, I want you to have a will as well as a way to be the winners.
3. Игра.
Учащиеся выбирают тему и отвечают на вопросы по очереди.
Темы и вопросы:
My friends
Make a new friend. Find out what he likes to do in his free time, what sports he does, etc.
Tell us about your friend.
Tell us what problems your friends may have.
What is the room for teachers called?
How do the pupils spend the afternoon in the room for supervised studies?
What are the three stages of education in England?
Fill in the gaps with the given words: squeeze, hot, watermelons, fruit, tastes,
fried, mashed, chopping, boil, favourite, peels
1. You can ______a lemon or an orange
2. My father likes his soup______, not cold.
3. Do you prefer _____potatoes or____potatoes?
What are your favourite dishes?
What fruits do you know?
You are in a cafe with your friend. You are hungry and talk about the food you are going
to order.
It is very cold. You are standing at a bus-stop. Your feet are freezing. Make up a
It is raining hard. You don’t have an umbrella. You talk about that with your friend.
Translate into English:
Очень сильно идет дождь.
Use the right form of the verb
He's coming here tomorrow so when I (see) him, I'll ask him if it's true.
We (move) … if we had the money. Unfortunately new houses are very expensive in this
I (to give ) you this book, if you want to read it.
You saw a musical yesterday. You liked the acting very much. But your friend didn’t.
You’ve just seen a comedy. You discuss it with your friend: the actors, the music, the
You invite your friend to go to the cinema tonight. Your friend wants to know what’s
on…Arrange the time and the place to meet.
Phone conversations
You called you friend but he was not at home. You want to talk to your friend in the
evening. Speak over the phone with his sister or mum.
Tell your friend over the phone that you are ill and can’t go to the skating rink.
Talk to your friend over the phone about going to New York.
Present Perfect Continuous
Open the parentheses using the verbs in the right forms.
He (to run) now. He (to run) for ten minutes without rest.
What they (to do) now? They (to work) in the reading-room. They (to work) there for
already three hours.
You saw a musical yesterday. You liked the plot, the music but you didn’t like the acting.
But your friend did.
You like different types of music and you can listen to your favourite music
What role does music play in our life?
What sports do you like doing? Talk about that with your friend.
Washington DC
What is Washington D.C.?
What does its name mean?
What are the main sights of Washington D.C.?
What river is the city upon?
Give an English equivalent
Нет дыма без огня.
Поспешишь, людей насмешишь
С глаз долой – из сердца вон.
Пустые орехи громче звенят.
Если чего-то ждать, то ожидание кажется бесконечным
Give an English equivalent
Друг только в радости
Не жизнь – сплошная мука.
Счастливая жизнь.
Оставь меня в покое.
Поставить на место, сбить спесь.
Я нервничаю.
Кататься как сыр в масле
4. Подведение итогов игры. Учащиеся подсчитывают свои доллары, заработанные на
ответах, и выявляется победитель и в командном зачете, и в личном. Предлагается
купить призы на заработанные деньги. Выставляются оценки.