Конспект урока "Сomputers in our life" 10 класс

Урок английского языка
по теме “Сomputers in our life»
c использованием структур кооперативного обучения.
Учитель: Дамдинова Д.Б., учитель английского языка.
Место работы: Республика Бурятия, г, Улан-Удэ, ГБОУ лицей-интернат №61.
Класс: 10 а.
Уровень : intermediate(средний, соответствующий средней ступени обучения школьников)
Тема: «Компьютеры в нашей жизни»
Цель урока: развитие коммуникативной компетенции в пределах данной темы.
Тип урока: изучение нового материала.
Формы работы учащихся: работа в группах, в парах, самостоятельная работа.
Оборудование: интерактивная доска, компьютер, ЭОР (интернет), раздаточный материал
(тексты), таймер.
Учащиеся работают в группах по 3 человека. У всех свои порядковые номера и цвета.
Столы имеют свой цвет. На них менеджмэты. На уроке используются структуры Warmer
(describe a word), Jot thoughts, Inside-outside circle, Anticipation-Reaction Guide, Jigsaw
Reading, Corners, Timed Share, Simultaneous Round Table, Feed Back.Ход урока:
1. Warmer - Describe a word. Опиши слово. Настрой на учебную деятельность. 3 min.
Do you use computers in studying? Do you think they are only useful for us?
To begin with, to warm up, try to describe a word which is a part of a computer. If you describe
a word correctly, you can get the picture. If not, let someone else do it. In the end we’ll see how
many pictures you have collected. (Students describe different parts of computer.)
2. Anticipation-reaction guide. Before learning something new you are supposed to
Jot your thoughts. 3 min. Then you’ll read the texts and can compare your thoughts with
the ones in the texts. But many people think that teenagers and even adults really waste
time surfing the Internet, keeping in touch with friends in social networks or playing
different games. Do you think it is good? Jot your thoughts about advantages and
disadvantages of computers. Draw a line under your thoughts.
The students jot their thoughts.
3. Inside-outside circle. 5 min. All the numbers 1 and 2 make an inside circle. Take your
notes. All the numbers 3 and 4 make an outside circle. Only the outside circle can move
clockwise. Share your ideas about advantages and disadvantages of computers and jot
new thoughts under the line.
4. Jigsaw Reading. 6 minutes. All the numbers have different texts. Read them
attentively trying to understand everything. If you have some problems with
understanding, you can ask other students in experts’ corner. Try to become a really
good expert in your topic.
5. Corners. 2 minutes. Go to the experts’ corners according to the colours. Discuss the
texts, write down some new ideas, clear up the things you don’t understand or be
ready to explain everything to the other experts if you have a full understanding.
6. Timed share. 10 minutes. Make up 2 lines. The 1st line is made up by numbers 1 and 2;
the 2nd line is made up by numbers 3 and 4. Only the 2nd line can move to the right.
The last student in the 2nd line is to go back to the beginning of the line. Share your
stories with your facing partner.
7. Simultaneous Round Table. 7min. Answer my questions in your sheets of paper and
pass them to your left-shoulder neighbour. Answer the next question in your
neighbour’s sheet of paper.
1. How does computer make our life easier?
2. What happens to a person when a computer becomes a central point in their life?
3. What activities can be done by computers?
4. How can we solve the problems caused by computers?
Answer the questions orally. To keep it fair, let’s choose someone to answer randomly.
This time it is number 1…
8. Feed Back. Lets evaluate each other. Show your cards.
9. Home-work. Write an argumentative essay “Computers – is it good or bad?”
Новые слова и выражения:
Amusing activities развлечения
Dependence on the computers компьютерная зависимость
Be suspicious of their benefit сомневаться в их пользе
Obsession - поглощенность
Attach - приклеиться
Computer game-addicted - игроманы
Controversial - противоречивый
Alarming - тревожный
Labour jobs труд рабочих
Leverage - использовать
Time-consuming –забирающее много времени
A set of predefined procedures набор определенных операций
Resides on возложена на