Конспект урока "What does it mean to be the ideal roommate?" 10 класс

What does it mean to be the ideal roommate?
Урок в 10 классе
Учитель: Брюханова Т.А,
Цель: составить портрет идеального товарища по комнате.
Задачи: повторить ЛЕ по теме; активизировать в мини-ситуациях, учить
оценивать информацию; выделять главные факты; составлять краткие сообщения
по теме и выражать своё мнение; учить делать выводы на основе собственного
жизненного опыта; обучать учащихся осуществлять проектную деятельность в
рамках данной речевой ситуации.
Воспитательные задачи: воспитывать толерантное отношение к товарищам по
комнате, умение работать в команде.
Оборудование: мультимедийная установка, конверты для групп с наборами
фраз и ЛЕ, силуэт человека, клей, фломастеры.
Ход урока.
1. Warm up. Беседа с группой, введение в ситуацию урока.
Do you have a brother or a sister? Do you share a room with him / her? Do
you have any problems with him / her?
Have you ever been to a youth camp? How many girls / boys were there in
your room? Was it difficult to live in one room? Did you always get on
well with your roommates?
2. So, today we’ll discuss the problem of sharing the room. Imagine that you are
going to study at the University. You will be sharing a room with 2 or 3 girls /
boys. It is easy to share the room if you have an ideal RM. But what does it
mean to be a good RM? Let’s try to make a portrait of the ideal roommate.
3. Every person has its own traits. Some of them help us to be a good roommate,
others prevent.
Task 1: complete the sentences using the words that describe the person’s
Someone who doesn’t like to do anything is … (lazy).
Someone who has no secrets is … (open).
Someone who can make you laugh is … (cheerful).
Someone who always tells the truth is … (honest).
Someone who feels awkward in the company is … (shy).
And now, to make a portrait of the ideal RM let’s divide into 2 groups, choose the
leader of your group.
Take these portraits, glue and felt tip pens. In your envelopes there are blocks of cards.
You are to choose the variant that suits your idea best of all. My questions will help
Task 2:
How old should your ideal RM be? (17-18, 18-19, 20-21, it doesn’t matter for
What should his / her appearance be? (tall, short, slim, fat, smart, sporty, good-
looking, attractive, it doesn’t matter for me)
What moral qualities should your ideal RM have? (shy, honest, calm, open,
loyal, polite)
What characteristics (личные качества) are the most important from your
point of view? (active, accurate точный), strict, confident, tolerant, sense of
humour, ability to speak English, ability to earn money, easygoing (с лёгким
хар-ром), ambitious, ability to cook, workaholic, chatterbox, ability to observe
the rules of co-existence).
What should / shouldn’t the ideal RM do? Divide these statements into 2
(speak too loudly, play loud music, get along with you (ладить), occupy the toilet
or bathroom for a long time, be ready to sort out the problems (утрясать
проблемы), ask too many questions if someone wants to be left alone, support
you no matter if you are right or wrong, be ready to listen to you, keep his / her
promise, tell you lies, tell you the truth no matter if you like it or not, forgive you
for being rude or unfair, quarrel about silly unimportant things, envy
(завидовать) your success, fit in (приспосабливаться), avoid conflicts with you,
feel jealous (завидовать), observe the laws of co-existence).
Task 3. Let’s make the list of the rules for sharing rooms without quarrels.
Group 1 from the 1
column, Group 2 from the second column. Choose 3 the
most important and Stick them on the portraits.
Relaxation. Let’s relax for a minute! Stand up, please! Draw up in a line
According to your height (рост);
According to your names;
According to the length of your hair;
According to the height of your heel (высота каблука).
Thank you! I see you understand each other easily, you can work in one team.
Task 4. And now I’m sure you are ready to describe the ideal RM. Will you
demonstrate us your ideal RM? (каждая группа показывает портрет с
наклеенными ответами). Представитель от каждой группы описывает
своего идеального товарища по комнате. An ideal RM is someone who
The conclusion: The ideal RMs have to respect each other, have to observe the
rules of sharing the room.
Can you say that you are an ideal roommate? Why?
6. Подведение итогов урока.