Презентация "An Ideal Welfare State" 8-9 класс

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  • An Ideal Welfare State
  • The main function of Welfare System
  • To provide the comprehensible standard of living
  • of the population
  • The structure of Welfare System:
  • the disabled
  • Social help
  • the able-bodied
  • Social Insurance
  • People who need in social support
  • Social Service
Basic principles
  • Those people who need benefits must get them
  • The welfare state system provides the elderly with means that allows them to live some degree of dignity
  • The welfare state helps the disabled, people who are unable to work to earn money on their own
  • The protection of the right to a life
Major spheres the welfare state operates in
  • Social Security
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
Social Security
  • The system of welfare payment to people for unemployment, illness, housing and old age pensions.
  • Budget of Social Security
  • 1/3
  • The system of social security includes :
  • retirement pension
  • widow’s pension
  • maternity pay
  • child benefit
  • unemployment benefit
  • family credit for families with very low incomes
  • invalidity pension
  • Single parents
  • The long-term unemployed
  • Pensioners whose pension is too low
  • National Insurance also includes:
  • Sanatorium treatment
  • The organization of rest
  • Food coupons - special coupons for purchase of products in any shop
  • A School feed - free-of-charge breakfasts and dinners
  • National Insurance benefits are available to the unemployed, the sick and the retired. The disabled are also provided with financial help. Financial help is also available to the widowed. Every child is entitled to a benefit, whatever the parent’s income may be.
Health Care
  • Family doctors
  • Dentists
  • Opticians
  • Health education
  • Ambulance services
Sources of income
  • Social Security system
  • Public service
  • Fund of social insurance
  • Insurance
  • Taxation of all workers
  • Health Service
  • The monthly tax to health service
Supplementary benefit
  • What benefits and privileges do veterans have?
  • 50% reduced payment for housing, telephone and public utilities
  • Free medical care
  • OKA cars and petrol at a reduced price
  • Free return passage by sea, by air twice a year
  • Housing, telephone without going on a waiting list
  • Free-of-charge pass to theatres and cinema