План-конспект урока "American and Russian State Symbols"

American and Russian State Symbols
Aim: by the end of the lesson my pupils will be able to get specific info about State symbols of America and Russia from texts in the Internet and use
this info in speaking (description and symbolism).
Goals: 1) to improve reading for specific info
2) to describe State symbols
3) to express opinion about activities done at the lesson
4) to increase pupils’ civic consciousness
5) to increase tolerance towards American and Russian nations
Equipment: 12 computers with access to the Internet, printed materials (tables), colourful cards, screen projection unit.
What teacher says
Pattern of interaction
What pupils do
1 min
1. Greeting. Stating the aim of the
Today we are going to get some info and speak
about State American and Russian symbols.
Distribute colourful cards
while pupils are entering the
2 min
2. Warm up activity.
a) What State symbols do you know? What
State symbols are there in America and
b) Match pictures and anthems to the correct
countries (Power Point presentation)
t-p1, p2
Brainstorm ideas
Match the pictures and
anthems to countries
T draws a spider gram on
the board
Show the pictures of
American and Russian State
flags and emblems, play
2 min
3. Reading for specific info
a) pre-reading stage
There are not only State symbols in each
country but also some other well-known
symbols. What other American symbols do you
know? What do they symbolize?
You can find all the info about these symbols
on the site
Brainstorm ideas
Distribute papers with
tables about American
7 min
3 min
b)while-reading stage
Read about American symbols: the National
Flag, the Bald Eagle and the Statue of Liberty
and fill in the tables
c) post-reading stage
Compare your tables in pairs.
Compare your answers with correct variant.
What interesting/new info have you known
about American symbols?
Individual work
Pair work
Read necessary info and fill
in the tables
Show correct answers in
Power Point
4 min
4. Activity for fun and relaxation
Let’s check how well you’ve got the info about
the American flag. Play a game about the
American flag in pairs.
Pair work
Play a game
Distribute copies with the
2 min
5 min
7 min
5. Reading for details
a) Pre-reading stage
What do you know about Russian symbols?
What do they symbolize?
Enter the site
b) While-reading stage
1 group, read about State Flag
2group National Anthem
3 group Coat of Arms
Make notes about your symbol and be ready to
present your info to other pupils
c) Post-reading stage. Speaking
1) Make groups according to the numbers on
your colourful cards and exchange your
info. Each member of the group must be
Group work
Group work
Express opinions
Read the texts, get detailed
info about their symbol and
prepare to give this info to
One after another present
their info to other members
of the group
Divide the class into 3
groups according to the
colour of their cards
Put the numbers of groups
1-4 in different parts of the
5 min
ready to present info about all symbols.
2) Present your ideas about State symbols
group National Flag
group National Anthem
group Coat of Arms
P1, P2, P3,
Give info they read and
heard about
2 min
6. Home task
Read the info about the Russian Federation in
Power Point Presentation and answer the
questions. You may use computers in our
resource center.
Write the task, ask
Distribute the task, copy the
3 min
7. Reflection
Why do we need State symbols?
What new info have you known?
What activities did you like most?
Answer questions, express