Методическая разработка "Фильмы" 11 класс

Муниципальная бюджетная общеобразовательная организация
«Средняя общеобразовательная школа №25 имени 70-летия нефти Татарстана»
г. Альметьевска Республики Татарстан
учитель английского языка первой квалификационной категории
Павлова Ландыш Арслановна
Методическая разработка для 11 класса по теме:
«Урок английского языка по теме: «Фильмы»
с использованием ЛЕГО обучающего конструктора
«Построй свою историю» и элементами сингапурского метода обучения»
Lesson plan for the 11
grade about “Film”.
- Reviewing vocabulary about “Film”;
- Developing speaking, writing skills about “Film”;
- Building film scenes using Lego;
- Developing critical thinking and creative skills.
Lesson plan.
I. Warm-Up.
- Good morning, students and our guests today! We’re glad to greet you in
our school and especially at our lesson. Today we’re going to speak about
Films. And first of all I’d like to ask you…
Write word “genre” on the board.
- What does this word mean? Can you give definition of this word?
(It’s a formal way of saying type when referring to a film or book)
- You’ll work in pair and try to write down as many genres of films as you
can. You’ll have 1 minute.
After finishing task students one by one come to the board and write down
as many genres as they know.
II. The main part of the lesson.
1) Show students Clever minimalist posters”. Show example with some
pictures. Then ask them what they can see and what famous films they
think these images represent. Students describe posters and make
I can see at the top of the picture….It might be….
- http://www.ferra.ru/ru/techlife/news/2012/10/05/minimalizm-postery-
- http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/taratinto-disney-mash-up-if-cartoons-
- http://ru-designer.livejournal.com/4140937.html
2) Build own minimalist posters using Lego.
They can take 10 blocks and they have 5 minutes for building their
I variant: After that we’ll sit in a circle and pass Lego-posters one by one,
describe them and try to guess what film it is.