Конспект урока "The World of Superstition" 9 класс

Учитель Ирина Багирова ( Азербайджан Сумгаит)
Класс 9
Тема урока The World of Superstition
Интеграция History, Literature ,Life Study
Техники KWL, Questionning, Discussion, Dialogues,
Presentations, Reflection, Competition, Research etc.
Формы работы Individual, in pairs, in small groups, collective
Ресурсы Images, posters, projector, computers, Internet access
Результаты Students are able to speak and ask questions about
beliefs and superstitions in different cultures;
they demonstrate their own attitude on being
superstitious ;
they can explain the source of various prejudices in our
everyday life.
I. Мотивация (How to draw students’ attention to the subject of the
When the students enter the classroom the teacher asks them to do a task
before taking places. Every student gets an image which must be put on the
magnet board with Good luck and Bad luck columns according to its
meaning. The students are asked to make the right choice (they get
pictures of a horse-shoe, a broken mirror, a black cat, a rabbit etc.). One by
one they place pictures on the board.
After completing the task students sit at the desks in groups of five. Now
the teacher invites everybody to watch a MisterDuncan video in order
them to understand what the topic of the lesson is :
We are going to discuss The World of Superstition. ( a part of video is
II Направляющие вопросы:
The person who believes in omen is called superstitious.
1) Are you superstitious?
If you think you are or you are not, give your examples.
Students answer and bring samples from everyday’s life.
2) Do you know anyone who is superstitious? ( Students’ answers)
3) What is considered lucky or unlucky in our and other cultures? (Students’
answers and another part of video is demonstrated.)
III. Проведение исследования.
Students are to work in groups; each group gets a worksheet with tasks.
Task 1. We have already had a short talk about common beliefs .Together
with your partners you have to decide if the actions mentioned in the task bring
fortune or misfortune.
(Students work together 1-2 min.)
Reflection. All groups check the task.
Task 2. Now be ready to search information through the Internet. Your task
is to match superstitions on the left with their meanings on the right. You can
goоgle and find the true answers.
Students are allowed to work in pairs, groups, individually 5-7 min.
Reflection. All together groups make short presentations on the task.
IV. Обмен информацией
Task 3. Now students get one more task. They walk around and make pairs
connecting two parts of sentences given in the worksheet. Then they check it
V. Обсуждение информации .
Let’s make a conclusion on the topic. (The teacher presents a short slide
show which reflects main information given during the lesson.)
VI. Результаты. At the end of the lesson students are well-informed about
common beliefs and superstitions of various origins, which sides of life
they are caused by, how they can affect people’s life.
VII. Творческое применение.
At home: Students are asked to prepare a project either paper-based or
computer-based which would contain interesting details around the topic.
VIII. Оценивание .
a) Rubrics for group work assessment ( good, averege, poor)
Group #
Focus on the topic
b) Traditional evaluation of each student’s participation in class.