Викторина "The Second World War"

Викторина «The Second World War»
1. When did the Second World War start ?
a) in1938 b)in 1939 c)in 1940
2. Who was the Britain’s Prime Minister
during the war ?
a)Harold Winston
b)Margaret Thatcher
c)Winston Churchill
3. How many people lost their lives during
the Second World War?
a) 30 million
b) 40 million
c) more than 60 million
4. The German invasion of Soviet Union
began on the 22
of June, 1941? Who
announced the news?
a) Josef Stalin
b) Lavrentiy Beria
c) Vyacheslav Molotov
5. How long did the Siege of Leningrad last?
a)90 days b)300 days c)900 days
6. Who wrote the famous Leningrad
a) Dmitri Shostackovich
b) Sergey Prokofiev
c) Alexander Alexandrov
7. How old was Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya
when she was captured, tortured and
hanged by the Nazis?
a)30 b)25 c)18
8. Who was the highest-scoring fighter pilot
in the Soviet Union?
a) Ivan Kozhedub
b) Alexander Pokryshkin
c) Nicolay Gulyaev
9. What river does Stalingrad stand on?
a) the Ural b) the Volga c) the Don
10. What was the biggest tank battle of
the Second World War?
a) the battle of Leningrad
b) the Battle of Kursk
c) the battle of Stalingrad
11. Whose armed Forces fought and won
the battle of Berlin?
a) Great Britain b)The USA
c)the Soviet Union
12. What happened to Adolf Hitler?
a) He committed the suicide
b) He escaped to Argentina
c) He was killed
13. How many years did the Second
World War last?
a)5 years b)6 years c)7 years