Сценарий "Seasons and Celebrations"

Seasons and Celebrations.
- Good afternoon dear guests, dear teachers, dear parents, dear
Welcome to our party. We prepared lots of songs, poems and
dances. They are all about seasons and celebrations. So, let’s
begin our party!
- Here came our little friends from class 1. It is their first year at
school. They want to sing about their toys.
“A blue balloon” , “I’ve got a little robot.”
(см. приложение: “Get Set Go – I , p10, p.31).
- And these children are not pupils yet. They are going to
school next year, but they can sing in English too.
“ It’s my house”, “Zoom, zoom, my plane”.
( см. Приложение: “Get Readyp. 38, p.40)
1) September’s here!
* Hooray!
Back to school!
Have a wonderful day.
2) Fall Colours.
Fall colours.
Look at the trees.
Red and gold
Autumn leaves.
Leaves falling, falling down,
Autumn leaves all around.
Leaves falling, falling down.
Red and gold on the ground.
Autumn leaves gold and brown.
Falling, falling all around.
Green, red, gold, brown
Autumn leaves , falling down.
3) Song: “Good Bye , Summer.”
(см. Приложение: «Holidays» p.58)
1) October’s here!
* Hooray!
Halloween’s coming!
Have a wonderful day!
2) Red leaves, yellow leaves,
Orange, green and brown.
Leaves on the grass,
Leaves on the roofs,
Leaves on the ground.
Beautiful leaves all around!
Rain, rain, go away,
Come again another day,
Little Johnny wants to play!
The grass is dry and brown,
October comes to town.
3) Halloween Rap.
This is the way the witches fly,
Witches fly,
Witches fly,
This is the way the witches fly,
Swish, swish, swish.
This is the way the ghosts go by,
Ghosts go by,
Ghosts go by,
This is the way the ghosts go by,
Ooh, ooh , ooh.
This is the way the black cats howl,
Black cats howl,
Black cats howl,
This is the way the black cats howl,
Meow! Meow! Meow!
This is the way the pumpkins laugh,
pumpkins laugh,
pumpkins laugh,
This is the way the pumpkins laugh,
Hee! Hee! Hee!
This is the way the night owl cry,
night owl cry,
night owl cry,
This is the way the night owl cry,
Hoo, hoo, hoo.
4) Song and dance: “Witches, witches!”
( см. приложение: “Holidays” p. 66”)
- Thanksgiving Day is a great holiday in the USA and Canada.
The traditional symbols of Thanksgiving came from the
Indians, the native people of America.
- “Native American Chant”
(См. Приложение “Holidays” p.71 )
1) December’s here!
Santa Claus is coming!
Have a wonderful day!
2) Do you know that:
Christmas day lasts 172,800 seconds.
Santa Claus has to visit 832 homes each second!
Animals in British and American Zoos get Christmas
Christmas trees come from Germany. The first Christmas
trees were decorated with apples.
A girl called Merry Christmas lives in America. And her
Surname is Day!
Traditional Christmas colours are red and green. The more
red and green decorations you have in your house the better.
3) Christmas candy,
Yum, yum, yum!
Christmas cookies.
Yum, yum, yum!
Christmas fruitcake.
Yum, yum, yum!
Mistletoe, mistletoe!
Kiss, kiss, kiss!
Christmas morning.
Lots of toys.
Christmas stockings
For girls and boys.
Christmas carols.
Tra, la, la!
Mistletoe, mistletoe!
Kiss, kiss, kiss!
4) Song : “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”.
(см. приложение: “Christmas Fan” p.6)
1) January’s here!
* Hooray!
Happy, happy New Year’s day!
2) Every New Year millions of children all over the world
make New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s a classical example of
one of them.
New Year’s Resolutions.
I promise ** to be very, very good.
I promise ** to do the things I should.
I promise ** to make my bed each day.
I promise ** to put my things away.
I promise not to throw my socks on the floor.
I promise ** to put my socks in the drawer.
I promise ** to do my homework right.
I promise not to stay up late at night.
I promise to listen to my mom and dad.
I promise not to do anything bad.
1)February’s here!
* Hooray!
Happy, happy Valentine’s Day.
2) - This holiday is very, very old. It was born in ancient
Rome. On the 14
of February husbands gave flowers to their
wives. T
There are many legends about Valentine’s Day. One legend
says that birds choose their mates on the 14
of February. There
are also legend about St. Valentine himself.
That day we give presents and flowers to our nearest and
dearest on that day. We also sing songs.
3) Song “You Are My Valentine”.
(см. приложение: “Holidays” p.16 )
1) March is here!
* Hooray!
Happy, happy Mother’s Day!
2) Song “Mama Bird Takes Care of Her Babies”.
(см. приложение: “Holidays” p.34)
3) March is here!
* Hooray!
* Have a nice St. Patrick’s Day.
- St. Patrick’s Day came from Ireland. It is celebrated in many
countries: the USA, Australia, New Zealand. On that day
people all wearing green, come into the streets , march, sing
and dance.
5) Song and dance: “The Irish are Coming”.
(см. приложение : “Holidays” p.23
1)April’s here!
The Easter bunny’s coming!
Have a wonderful day.
2) Easter comes in spring! It’s the most beautiful and
important holiday, celebrated by millions of people in every part
of our planet. The most popular symbols of Easter are colored
Easter eggs, pink and blue.
One for me , one for you.
Easter eggs , one , two, three.
One for you, two for me!
Easter eggs, pink and blue.
One for me, two for you.
Easter eggs, one, two, three.
Two for you and one for me!
One for you, one for me.
One for the teacher one, two, three!
3) Song: “How Many Eggs in the Easter Basket?”
(см. приложение : “Holidays” p. 28)
1) May is here!
* Hooray!
School is finishing.
Have a wonderful day!
2) Song “Have You Ever Broken Your Elbow?”
(см. приложение: “Let’s sing, Let’s chant – 5” , p.40)
1) June is here!
* Hooray!
* Have a wonderful holiday.
2) Summer time
Is time to play.
We are happy
All the day!
Last summer I couldn’t swim at all,
I couldn’t even float.
I had to use a rubber tube
Or hang on to a boat;
I had to sit on shore
When everybody swam;
But now it’s This summer
And I CAN!
A summer day
Has rain or sun,
But either way
I find it fun
To stand in rain
That pouring down
Or lie in sun
That paints me brown.
Sins, sing, sing a song!
Sing, sing, sing.
Hello , summer!
Goodbye spring!
3) song : “Fishing”.
( см. приложение: “Jingle Bells and other songs” p.8)
- Our party is over. Thank you for being with us. We hope
you’ve enjoyed our party. Have a wonderful day! See you next