План-конспект внеклассного мероприятия "I am a part of the world and the world is a part of me" 5 класс

План - конспект
внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку
в 5х классах
“I am a part of the world and the world is a part of me”.
1. Воспитывать любовь, дружелюбие, уважение, милосердие друг к другу, друзьям,
2. Развивать навыки речевого этикета.
3. Развивать умение работать в группах.
4. Развивать личностную активность.
Оборудование: «Дерево мудрости», кассета с песнями, карточки и картинки с
пословицами, «сердечки» с пожеланиями, вырезанные из бумаги
детские руки с изображением голубя, плакаты на доске.
Ход мероприятия:
Teacher: Good morning, smiling faces! How are you? Feeling friendly? You are
welcome! We’ll have a wonderful time together. You’ll feel happy. We are happy when
we have a lot of friends and when we love people around us and enjoy life. But first of all
let’s tune up our instruments.
(Учащиеся инсценируют диалоги приветствия и диалоги комплименты.)
1. Hi! How are you? 2. You speak English very well!
Fine! How are you? -- Oh, no; not really.
I’m fine. Yes, you do. You really do.
How’s Bill?
He’s fine. 3. – You look wonderful today!
How’s Mary? -- So do you.
She’s fine!
How are the children?
They are fine.
-- How’s your job?
-- It’s fine!
-- How’s Jack?
-- He is sick.
-- Oh, no!
Teacher: Well, kids. We are going to have a very interesting topic today: “I’m a part of
the world and the world is a part of me”. We are going to speak about love,
peace, mercy, respect, friendship and tolerance today.
I’d like to recite a poem “Yours and mine”. It has much in common with our
Pupil 1: “Yours and Mine”
The sun, the trees, the grass, the sky,
The silver Moon that’s sailing by.
The rain and dew and snowflakes white,
The flowers sweet and stars of night.
The songs of birds, wind whispering,
The autumn leaves, the buds of spring
Such lovely things to hear and see
Belong to you, belong to me.
Teacher: Thank you. I think we take our first lessons on peace, love, mercy, respect and
tolerance in our families.
Take this «magic» apple a symbol of many important things, a symbol of
a family. Pass it to your friend after you’ve finished your story.
Учащиеся 5 класса передают друг другу яблоко и рассказывают о семье.
Teacher: Now, I see: love reigns in your families. And what magic words help you and
your parents?
P1: Smile, things could be worse!
P2: Be fair!
P3: Feel friendly!
P4: Don’t sneak on others.
P5: The more love you give away the more you are left with.
P1: Do all the good you can