Конспект урока "Garbage disposal" 10 класс

The Form:
The theme of the lesson:
Garbage disposal
The aim of the lesson:
1. To enrich their vocabulary
2. To develop their speech activity
3. To develop their feelings towards a pure land on which we live
1. The teacher`s book
2. English book for the 9
3. The internet services and a waste bag, and active board
4. Marking papers
The result of
They will know all of the words passed
They will think about the consequences of pollution in the environment
The will rate each other honestly
At the end of the lesson, they must dispose of waste in different bins
The main idea of the
Pupils should think about the effects of garbage pollution in their cities.
May be in our country , too, will be a garbage disposal and they will never
throw trash
Methods in teaching:
1. New approaches to teaching and learning
2. Learning to think critically
3. Assessment for and of learning
4. Using ICT
5. Teaching talented and gifted children
6. Responding to age-related differences in teaching and learning
7. Management and leadership of learning
Set to the lesson:
1.Organization moment
2. Phonetic drill
3. Homework