Конспект урока "Music keeps me happy" 9 класс

9 form
Jussupova CA.
The aim: to enrich pupils knowledge about music, kinds of music,
museums; to develop there reading, speaking , thinking skills;
to express there opinions; to revise and practice using new
words ; to educate the feeling of love to music, art.
The type of the lesson: combinative
Visual aids: pictures, diagrams, the interactive board, slides with the photos
and fragments of songs of the famous singers.
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Teacher (Т) : Good morning, dear friends! I am very glad to see
you happy аnd healthy at our English lesson. I hope youll enjoy
our lesson. Now I want you to tell each other good wishes. Thank you.
And I wish you success too.
Please , be active and answer my questions:
Т: Who is on duty today?
Pupil(P) : I am on duty today.
T: What date is it today?
P: Today is the 25 th of October.
T: And what day is it today?
P: Its Thursday.
T: Is anybody absent today?
P: Yes, ……… are absent today. And so on.
II. Boys and girls, the theme of our lesson is “Music keeps me
happy”. We shall speak about music, the kinds of music, music you like,
about your favourite singer, listen to different kinds of music, draw a
diagram. Introduce with the museums in Almaty.
III.First of all I want you to listen to music. ( Classical music)
IV.Can you think of a day without music? We can hear music everywhere: in
the streets and at home, over the radio and on TV, in the shops and in the
parks. People all over the world are fond of music. They listen to music, they
dance to music, they learn to play musical instruments.
But what is music? Specialists explain that music isn't only a combination of
pleasant sounds. It is an art which reflects life. There are a lot of different kinds of
music. Some of them appeared long ago, and some are modern. For example, folk