Конспект урока "Healthy Way of Life" 9 класс

Тема урока: “Healthy Way of Life”
Коммуникативная цель: развитие иноязычной коммуникативной
компетенции в говорении, аудировании, чтении
Образовательные цели: обучение этике общения, умению получать и
использовать информацию
Воспитательная цель: формирование системы моральных ценностей,
понимание важности изучения иностранных языков в современном мире как
средства общения и познания
Развивающая цель: развитие восприятия памяти, мышления, развитие
способности и готовности вступить в иноязычное общения.
Оборудование: компьютеры, проектор.
Ход урока.
I.1).Передача целей урока.
Good morning! Our lesson is dedicated to one of the most urgent problems in our
life. It is the problem of health. Health is very important for all people. But
schoolchildren don’t speak very often about health. They discuss other things. But
when a few days ago many classmates fell ill, everybody wanted them to become
well again, to come to classes and take an active part in school life.
That’s why , let’s try to answer the following questions today:
a)Why do young people fall ill?
b)What is necessary to do to be as fit as a fiddle?
2) Активизация пройденного материала.
.At first let’s find out what things make us feel unwell. Answer the
question, please.
a)What bad habits that make us sick do you know?
( They are: smoking, taking alcohol, drugs, junk food.)
b)What is AIDS?
Pupil: I want to tell you that in recent years a new enemy of the immune system
has appeared. This disease is called acquired immune deficiency syndrom, or
AIDS for short. It is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus. This virus
attacks the helper T cells in a person’s body. Helper T cells are special white cells
that call the immune system into action to fight infection or disease. Somehow the
HIV or AIDS virus gets inside the helper T cell before it sets the immune system to
work. The body loses its ability to fight diseases. It is only a matter of time before
the person falls victim to an infection. The scientists have not learned how to stop
the AIDS virus from destroying the immune system. Though the AIDS virus is so
deadly, it cannot live far more than a short time outside the body. That means
AIDS cannot be spread easily. You cannot get AIDS through the air, water or food.
The virus can only be passed “blood-to-blood” contact. This virus can be passed
through sharing needles used to inject drugs. That is why there is a high rate of
HIV-infected people among addict people. Though the AIDS virus is so deadly, it
is quite possible to protect yourself from AIDS. Just follow a healthy lifestyle and
avoid any activity that might expose to the AIDS virus.
Smoking is also harmful to our health, isn’t it? Let’s speak about it.
Pupil: every year about 3900,000 people lose their lives because of smoking.
People have been smoking tobacco for hundreds of years. The early colonists
learned about tobacco from the Indians. Smoking causes the two most deadly
diseases: heart disease and lung disease.
Why do people smoke, if it is so bad for health? Many people started smoking long
before they learned how unhealthy it was, and now it is difficult for them to stop
smoking. Some people smoke because they think it is “cool”. Some may be foolish
enough to think that smoking will not harm them.
Now express your attitude towards smoking.
(e.g. I don’t smoke and I never will. I am sure of that. I know that it is very
harmful. To my mind smoking becomes less popular. Many offices don’t admit
smoking people to work. …)
The next problem is drugs. Who wants to decide upon this problem?
Pupil: Our immune system cannot protect us from all the things that can harm us.
A drug is a chemical compound that can change the way your body works.
Medicines that can be used with a doctor’s written prescription are also drugs. All
the medicines, when taken properly are safe and useful. But when they are used
improperly they can cause great harm to your body. There are thousands of
different drugs e.g. stimulates, depressants. The best way is to stay away from
drugs completely and use medicine only when it is prescribed by a doctor.
Let’s discuss this problem.
(--Some stimulates include the nicotine in cigarettes, the caffeine in coffee and
cola type soft drinks. They increase the heart rate and blood pressure. But small
amounts of them are not harmful. Cocaine and crack cocaine are very powerful
stimulates- they can rill a person the first time he tries them.
--I have read that according to the latest research coffee can also make you bad-
tempered. Mice who were given regular doses of caffeine by researchers, were
found to be unusually aggressive.
---Many drugs can stimulate or slow down the nervous system. The most common
depressant is alcohol. Some people think that it is not a drug but it is. I know that
many drugs create a dependence. They can change the way people think and the
way they view the world around them. And finally use of drugs leads to full
destruction of the body.
III.Усвоение новых знаний.
Teacher: We have talked about different problems. Now let’s think and
discuss the following item: What things may help us be healthy.
Pupil: I think that food is very important for our health. All foods are different
forms of a few basic types of food your body needs. These food types are:
carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They contain other things fiber, vitamins
minerals and water. Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. Fruits,
cereals, bread, potatoes are high in carbohydrates. Proteins are building blocks of
life. They help your to build muscle, repair cells. Good sources of protein are fish,
poultry, eggs, meat. Fats are also important for our health. They provide our body
with fatty aids. Fats are found in eggs, cheese, milk, butter and nuts.
Teacher: Well, we see that healthy food is really important for health.
And what about vitamins? How many vitamins does our body need?
What are they?
Pupil: Our body needs 13 vitamins. They are: vitamin A, B,C,D and others.
Vitamin A gives you healthy eyes and skin and helps you grow. It is found in
carrots, liver. Vitamin B helps our body turn food into energy. It makes red blood
cells. Pork, peanuts contain this vitamin.
Vitamin C gives you healthy teeth, gums and bones. It is found in citrus fruits and
tomatoes. Vitamin D gives you strong bone. Milk is a good source for this vitamin.
Your skin makes vitamin D from sunlight.
Teacher: Yes, you are right. Scientists know about such disease as
Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is a form of depression caused by lack of
light in winter. The problem can be overcome by illuminating
workplaces with lights three times brighter than usual.
We know about such term as “grooming”. What rules of grooming do
you know?
Pupils: ---The first rule of grooming is to take care of your skin. The best way to
care is to take a shower or bathe every day. You should wash your hands before
every meal. A bright and shiny smile goes with a clean face.
----Your teeth enable you to chew up your food. So, you should take care of your
teeth by cleaning them after every meal and at bedtime. You should avoid snacks
with sugar.
----Your hair is also an important part of the outside of you. The first rule is to
wash your hair several times a week.
-----We shouldn’t forget about clothing. Fresh and clean clothes make you look
and feel good.
III.Формирование новых знаний.
Teacher: It goes without saying that our body needs exercises. For
millions of people regular exercise is now a part of their daily life. Fit
people live longer, healthier than unfit. Men and women want to look as
young and attractive as possible. More sport appears on our TV
screens today. These are the main reasons of the fitness revolution. Now
let’s measure your own fitness level. The simplest way is to take your
1) Put two fingers across your wrist.
2) Relax.
3) Count the number of beats you can feel in the next 15 seconds.
4) Multiply the number of beats by four to get the pulse rate per
5) Check your answer on the chart.
Pulse rate when relaxed. Level of fitness.
Beats per minute.
80 or more--------------------------Poor
70-79 -------------------------------Fair
50-59--------------------------------Very good
Under 50----------------------------Excellent
What are your results? Very good. Now we are ready to go to a fitness
club. You will watch a video film. Be attentive, try to understand and
remember what you will see. After that you will sit down at the
computers and do some exercises.
( A video film is shown. The children do the exercise)
1.Connect the information with the people
Andy Alford 1) a) joined the club 12 months ago
Tommy Thompson 2) b) has been a member for 2 weeks
Marilyn 3) c) has just joined the club
Kanesh 4) d) uses the club for working out,
meeting friends, playing tennis
and having fun
Lisa Lozovsky 5) e) has been working at the Riverside Club
since 1996
Match the words on the left with the words on the right
a health club is 1) a) used to help strengthen your upper
a cardio-vascular
machine 2) b) for improving heart, lungs,
a chest press is 3) c) to strengthen stomach muscles
An abductor is 4) d) a place where people go to
socialize, to have fun and to get fit
The student of the 10 th. Form Helen worked at this problem last year.
Now she will represent her project “The Healthy Way of Life” and then
we shall make the conclusion of our discussion.
( The project is represented).
IV. Results of the lesson.
Today we have spoken about different problems concerning health.
Now I want you to make a conclusion and make up health rules for you,
your friends, parents for everybody who wants to healthy and happy.
1) Eat three well-balanced meals
2) Don’t smoke
3) Don’t take alcohol, drugs
4) Do exercises
5) Take care of your skin, hair, teeth
6) Eat vitamins.
Thank you for your active work today, for not being indifferent to the problem. I
hope our lesson will be useful for you . Remember, health is not something that
comes from to you by accident. You should follow these rules and you will have a
strong and energetic body and an active mind.