Конспект урока "Food for Life" 3 класс

Тема урока:Food for Life
Образовательные цели: тематическая лексика на УУ1, УУ2
с такими качествами знаний, как полнота,
гибкость, обобщенность.
Воспитательные цели: трудолюбие через организацию урока
Развивающие цели: память и мышление
Оборудование: компьютер, магнитофон, палитра
I.Активизация пройденного материала.
1.Организационный момент, передача целей урока.
Good morning, children!Today we shall revise Present and Past Simple
Tenses, we shall speak about different food ,choose the right food and
learn to makebreakfast. So we should be active and help each other.
2. Phonetic drill.( отработка некоторых звуков)
Poem “ Stop that noise”
3. Повторение Present Simple Tense Выполнение упражнения на
4. Повторение Past Simple Tense. Работа с палитрой.
5.You have done an excellent job! Now let’s speak about food.
What can you see in the picture? ( tea, fruit, tomato,...)
Make up mini- dialogues.
I’m thirsty.(hungry)
Would you like a glass of juice? ( an apple)
I’d love one.
II. Введение нового материала.
1.Answer the questions.
Can people live without food?
What is tea?(coffee)
Where does meat come from?
What right food do you know?
What proverb about food do you know?
Do yo eat the right food?
2. An exercise for relaxation “Bread and Butter”
3. Some pupils tell about food for life.
III.Закрепление нового материала.
1. Now you will watch a video film.
Be attentive and mark the food which is spoken in the film.
2.Do you want to work as cooks?
Let’s make breakfast, because we are hungry and thirsty now.
IV. Итоги урока. Домашнее задание.
For Fun and Profit.
Homework is:to write down the menu for lunch.
For Fun and Profit. The pupils are divided into two groups to find the
words in the crossword.