Конспект урока "Animals and birds" 2 класс

Урок-игра во 2 классе
Цели: формировать лексические навыки путем многократного сознательного
повторения материала в разнообразных видах деятельности, представлении о
структуре английского языка; воспитывать любовь к предмету; развивать
интонационный слух, слуховую и зрительную память; приучать учащихся к
напряженному умственному труду во время урока, к определенным требованиям
Оборудование: плакаты и карточки с изображением животных, раздаточный
материал, таблицы, магнитофон, мяч, юла.
Ход урока.
I. Организационный момент
Teacher: Good morning!
What a fine morning!
The day is sunny and so bright.
My dear friends, am I right?
P1. Yes, you are right.
T. Children, are you pupils?
Cl. Yes we are.
T. Where are you?
P2. We are in the classroom.
T. What are you doing?
P3. We are sitting at the desks.
T. Do you like English lessons?
Cl. Yes we do.
T. Are you ready for the lesson?
Cl. Yes, we are.
T. Do you like to sing?
Cl. Yes, we do
T. Children, let’s sing together a very good song «Going to the Zoo».
Дети хором поют песенку.
Going to the zoo, Going to the zoo,
The sun is bright, the sky is blue.
Spotty, you may come along, too.
Going to the zoo, Going to the zoo.
II. Фонетическое упражнение
T. Very well, children. And now listen to the words and clap your hands when you
hear the sounds.
No, box, don’t. go, from, not, old, hot, cold.
III. Основная часть урока
T. That’s nice. Today is a special day. We are going to play. Today we’ll revise
everything that we learned. We have got the top and many cards on the table.
Please,… turn the top and take the card with the task.
P1. Card 1.
T. We are going to play a ball. I shall explain how to play. I toss the ball and name a
number. You catch the ball and name the animal that you know
- one pig
- three cow
- five tiger
- seven lion…
T. All right…, turn the top.
P2. Card 2
T. Look at the words on the blackboard and arrange them in pairs. You must say:
A cow has a calf
A cat
A calf
A cow
A chicken
A pig
A mouse
A bear
A kid
A sheep
A teddy-bear
A goat
A kitten
A dog
A piglet
A mouse
A lamb
A duck
A puppy
A duckling
T. That’s nice…., turn to the top.
P3. Card 3.
T. Let’s play the game « I fly like a bird».
Учащиеся выполняют движения.
I fly like a bird,
I swim like a fish,
I trot like a horse,
I run like a hare.
I climb like a monkey in the zoo.
I slide like a snake,
I skip like a frog and then
I hop like a frog and then
I clap my hands high,
I clap my hands low.
T. Well. Thanks. Take your seats …, turn the top.
P4. Card 4.
T. Listen and clap your hands when you hear the words on the topic «Animals».
Monkey, sheep, book, fox, pig, elephant, pen, wolf, family, bear, zebra, desk, lion, dog,
tiger, boy, cow, rabbit, mother, cat, eraser, horse, goat.
T. OK. That’s very nice…, turn the top.
P5. Card 5.
T. Take out your books and open them at page 124. Look at the exercise at the top of
the page and answer the questions.
. Read the first question.
Who wants to answer the question?
1. What animal is this?
2. Is this monkey clever?
3. What does she like?
4. Can she read?
5. Is her face happy?
6. Is it a pet?
T. It’s all right. Shut your books and put them away…, turn up the top.
P6. Card 6.
T. Who wants to go to the blackboard? (5 учеников)
Your task is to paint animals. Look at the sentences under the pictures and do your task.
На доске пять нераскрашенных рисунков с изображением животных, которые
находятся внутри чего-либо или на чем-либо, и надпись, например: A red fox is in the
box, in the yellow box. Прочитав эту надпись, ученик должен раскрасить рисунок.
Are you ready? Start now. And your task is to recite the poems. I’ll name the beginning of
the poem and you will go on with this poem yourself. All right? Let’s start.
1. I’ve got a pet
It’s a dog
His name is Spot
I love my dog.
2. Teddy-bear, Teddy-bear, look around.
Teddy-bear, teddy-bear, touch the ground.
Teddy-bear, teddy-bear,switch off the light.
Teddy-bear, teddy-bear, say good night.
. 3. I’ve got a dog
His name is Jack.
His head is white.
His nose is black.
4. I love my cat
It’s warm fat.
My cat is grey,
It likes to play.
5. I found a cow. How?
I found a hen. When?
I found a bear, I found a hen.
I found a cow. Wow!
6. This is Pig
She likes to dig,
Her name is Pat,
It is very fat.
T. Very good. Thank you very much. And now look at the blackboard. Who has finished?
The first picture: A green Frog is on a log, on the brown log. Is that right?...
T. OK. You can take your seats.
…., turn the top.
P7. Card 7.
T. Do you know how to write the following words? Fill in the blanks and read the words.
G_ at_en
Kitt_n _uppy
She_p rabbi_
Ch_cken _lephant
H_rse co_
Mo_se duc_
T. It’s time to stop. Let’s check.
, turn the top.
P8. Card 8.
T. Let’s check your homework. Your task was to learn the dialogue by heart. Are you ready?
Who wants to act this dialogue?
- Little cat, little cat,
As you sat on the mat,
Did you dream of a mouse,
Or a grey rat?
- Oh, no! Not so!
For I always dream
Of a dish full of fish
And a bowl full of cream.
T…. turn the top.
P9. Card 9.
T. Listen to me attentively and try to guess the riddles.
1. I’m big. I’m grey.
My nose is long,
My tail is short.
I’m an… (Elephant)
2. It is a big animal.
It eats grass.
It gives milk.
What is it? (cow)
3. It is brown.
It has got four legs.
It sleeps in winter.
What is it? (Bear)
4. It is a green animal.
It can swim and jump.
It likes to eat flies.
What is it? (Frog)
4. It is grey or white.
It likes to eat carrots and cabbage.
It can run and jump.
What is it? (Hare)
5. I’m little. I’m grey.
My nose is short.
My tail is long.
I’m a … (Mouse)
T. Well done …, turn if the top.
P10. Card 10
T. Children, guess the meaning of the words.
Tiger, lion, crocodile, kangaroo, zebra, giraffe, pelican, dolphin, antelope, penguin, gorilla,
leopard, koala, pony, dragon, canary, crab, llama, dinosaur, echidna, hyena.
T. Well done. Children, thank you very much for your answers. You know a lot about
animals and birds. Many of you have pets. So, my dear friends, you must take care of them
and not only of your pets but of all birds and animals. Don’t hurt animals, don’t catch birds.
It is necessary for you to remember some rules about your pets.
Вывешивается таблица.
1. Give him food every day.
2. Give him water every day.
3. Give him a clean place to sleep.
4. Give him a dry mat to sleep on.
5. Give him a warm place to sleep in winter.
6. Give him a cool place to sleep in summer.
T. Dear children, you have a very good time at the lesson. You have done many tasks. You
know the names of the animals and birds, you know many poems about them. I liked your
answers. Every pupil has been given a postcard with a picture of an animal or a bird.
IV. Домашнее задание
And now write down your task for the next lesson. Describe your favourite animal.
That’s all for today. Good-bye.
Cl. Good-bye.