Презентация "My pets and other animals"

Подписи к слайдам:
My pets and other animals. Repeat after me!
  • i [ı] – is, pig, big, sing, swim
  • a [ǽ] – fat, rabbit, has, cat, can,
  • e [e] – hen, pen, red, ten.
Read the poem!
  • My dear cat,
  • Sleeps in the hat.
  • The hat is tall,
  • The cat is small.
Name the animals! Desсribe the animals!
  • funny
  • big
  • small
  • clever
  • strong
  • ugly
Complete the sentences! The cat can… swim. The tiger can… fly. The cockerel can… run. The dog can… sing. The parrot can… jump. Read and guess!
  • I am not big. I am funny.
  • I can jump, run and swim.
  • But I can not fly. I am white
  • and brown. I am… .
It is not big. It is green and red.
  • It is not big. It is green and red.
  • It can fly and speak. It is a …
Let̓ s have a rest !
  • Let̓ s have a rest !
  • Сan you climb like a ?
  • Сan you swim like a ?
  • Сan you fly like a ?
  • Сan you hop like a ?
  • Сan you jump like a ?
Complete the sentences!
  • I have a … .
  • It is … .
  • It̓s name is … .
  • My pet can … .
  • Workbook: p.45, ex.1
Thank you for your work. The lesson is over.