Тест "Знаешь ли ты Британию" 8 класс

Cultural Quiz 1
Choose the right variant:
1. Which is the oldest written language in the world?
a) Egyptian
b) Chinese
c) Latin
2. Is Boxing Day
a) a famous sport competition?
b) A day to collect empty boxes?
c) A holiday after Christmas Day?
3. Which is the odd one out?
a) Heathrow
b) Marks & Spencer
c) Harrods
4. Which of this degree is the first degree in higher Education in Britain?
a) MA
b) MPhil
c) BSc
d) PhD
5. Which part of England is called Constable’s Country?
a) The Lake District
b) Essex-Suffolk border
c) Cornwall
6. Which of them is a tabloid?
a) The Daily Mirror
b) The Times
c) The Independent
7. What exactly is “the City”?
a) the Bank of England
b) a group of supermarkets
c) an area in central London
8. Which of them is not connected with the USA?
a) The statue of Liberty
b) The Union Jack
c) The Stars and Stripes
9. Butlion’s is a chain of British:
a) supermarkets
b) bookshops
c) holiday camps
Cultural Quiz 2
1. What was the first name of New York?
2. On what rivers do Washington D.C. and London stand?
3. What is the largest lake in North America?
4. What are the largest British universities?
5. What’s the nickname of New York city?
6. What is the most popular sport in Wales?
7. What country is called a “melting pot” or “mixed salad”?
8. Who was George Washington’s Vice President?
9. Which American companies are called the “Big Three”?
10. In what country do the people most speak Gaelic?
11. What two geographical regions fought in the American Civil War?
12. What country did America buy Alaska from?
13. What state is Disney World in?
14. What are the four popular professional sports in America?
15. In what city were Paul, John, George and Ringo (Beatles) born?
16. In the legend as well as in the movie, in what city was Robin Hood born?
17. What is the national Scottish musical instrument?
18. Where is the tallest skyscraper in the world?
19. What is the national symbol of America?
20. Why do the Americans celebrate the 4
of July?
Cultural Quiz 3
Choose the right variant:
1. Shaking hands with women is acceptable in Indonesia.
2. Number 4 is considered lucky in Japan.
3. Eating with left hand is taboo in Saudi Arabia.
4. Arabs expect gifts to be opened in front of the giver.
5. British people drink more than 200 million cups of tea a day.
6. Thailand a pale face is a sign of beauty in a woman.
7. In India holy men usually wear white.
8. The thumbs up sign means “OK” in Argentina.
9. Brazilians usually wear black shoes in the offices.
10. Japanese and Chinese can read each other’s newspapers.
11. White flowers in Japan are given at funerals.
12. Mexicans are supposed to keep their hand on the table during a meal.
13. Eating with your hands is rude in Malaysia.
Cultural Quiz 1. Cultural Quiz 3
1. A 1. True 11. True
2. C 2. False 12. True
3. A 3. True 13. False
4. C 4. True
5. B 5. True
6. A 6. True
7. C 7. True
8. C 8. True
9. B 9. True
10. C 10. False
Cultural Quiz 2.
1. New Amsterdam
2. The Potomac, the Thames
3. Lake Superior
4. Oxford, Cambridge
5. Big Apple
6. Rugby
7. The USA
8. John Adams
9. Ford, GM, Crysler
10. Ireland
11. -
12. Russia
13. Florida
14. Basketball, baseball, football, hockey
15. Liverpool, England
16. Locksley
17. Bagpipe
18. Chicago
19. The bold eagle
20. -