Конспект урока "Поездка в Британию" 7 класс

Урок английского языка "Поездка в Британию" для учащихся 7-го кл.
Урок английского языка "Поездка в Великобританию" для учащихся 7-х
Урок составлен на базе аутентичного материала и содержит задания,
способствующие развитию навыков аудирования, поискового чтения, устной
диалогической и монологической речи. Учащиеся узнают много нового о
стране изучаемого языка (географическом положении Великобритании, ее
флагах, символах и достопримечтельностях Лондона)
План открытого урока «Поездка в Британию» («Going to Britain”)
Предмет: английский язык
Тема: “Going to Britain”
Класс : 7
Цели :
Образовательные : ознакомить учащихся с географическими названиями
Великобритании и достопримечательностями Лондона
Воспитательные : воспитывать уважение к культурным ценностям страны
изучаемого языка
- повторить лексический материал по теме “Going to Britain” и практиковать
его употребление в устной речи учащихся
- развивать навыки аудирования, чтения вслух и про себя, устной
диалогической речи
- развивать навыки поисковой работы
Оснащение: аудиозапись с упражнениями и диалогом (учебник «English
Files/ student’s book elementary) плакаты, географическая карта
Объединенного королевства Великобритании и Северной Ирландии,
фотографии достопримечательностей Лондона, ксерокопии с заданиями к
уроку, учебник английского языка для 7 класса (издательство Атамура)
Ход урока
Этап 1. Орг.момент Today we will learn some new geographical facts about the
UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, attractions of London, revise the new
words on the theme Countries , languages and nationalities.
Этап 2. Речевая зарядка « About your country»
1. How do you say your country in English? (Kazakhstan)
2. How do you say your language in English? Kazakh, Russian)
3. How do you say two countries near you? (Russia, China)
Этап 3. Повторение лексики на тему “Countries, languages and nationalities”
1. Listening: Vocabulary Countries and nationalities ( listening 1.10 English
Files /students’ book - elementary)
Where is the stress? Listen and underline the stressed syllable. Listen and repeat.
country - nationality country - nationality
1. Japan - Japanese 4. Italy - Italian
2. Germany - German 5. The United States - American
3. China - Chinese 6. Russia - Russian
2. Ex 1. p. 126 (Textbook for the 7th form)
Which languages are spoken in these countries? Do the matching
3. Read the names of countries, nationalities and languages
Country Nationality Language Country Nationality Language
England - English - English Italy - Italian - Italian
Ireland - Irish - English Russia - Russian - Russian
Poland - Polish - Polish China - Chinese - Chinese
Spain - Spanish - Spanish Japan - Japanese - Japanese
Scotland - Scottish - English France - French - French
Germany - German - German Thailand - Thai - Thai
Argentina - Argentinean - Spanish The United
Brazil - Brazilian - Portuguese States - American - English
4. Look at the chart and ask each other the questions:
1. What language is spoken in _______ ? 2. People of what nationality live in
3. In what country is ____________ spoken?
Этап 4. Мини-тест - Do the quiz.
1. Where are these cities?
a) Krakow (Poland) b) Glasgow (Scotland) c) Boston (the US) d) Bangkok
2. What languages are these? (listening 1.11 )
a) _______(Russian) b) ________(Italian) c) ________ (Spanish) d) ________
3. Where is this music from? (listening 1.12 English Files- elementary)
a) ______(Scotland) b) ________ (Brazil) c) ________ (France) d) _______
Этап 5. Аудирование
a) Listen to the dialogs and complete them.
(listening 1.13 English Files/students’ book - elementary)
1. A : Are you ______________ ? (English)
B: No, I’m ______________ . I’m from Edinburgh. (Scottish)
2. A: Where are you from?
B: We’re from _______________ (the United States)
A: Are you on holiday ?
B: No, we aren’t. We ‘re on business.
3. A; Where’s she from? Is she ________________ ? (Spanish)
B: No, she isn’t. She’s ___________ . She’s from Buenos Aires. (Argentinean)
4. A: Mmm, delicious. Is it ________________ ? (German)
B: No, it isn’t. It’s ________________ . (French)
b) Read the dialogs
Этап 6. Презентация новой лексической темы “The UK, its parts, capitals, cities
and symbols.” (Оснащение карта Объединенного Королевства, плакаты с
изображением флагов и символов Объединенного Королевства)
Teacher’s speech:
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland
Great Britain consists of 3 parts : England, Scotland and Wales
The United Kingdom consists of 4 parts : England, Scotland, Wales and Northern
The capital of The United Kingdom is London
The capital of Great Britain is London
The capital of England is London
The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh
The capital of Wales is Cardiff
The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast
Flags and symbols of the United Kingdom Cities of the UK
The flag of the UK is called Union Jack England: London, Oxford, Cambridge,
The symbol of England is a red rose Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham
The symbol of Scotland is a thistle Scotland : Edinburgh
The symbol of Wales is a daffodil Wales : Cardiff
The symbol Northern Ireland is Northern Ireland : Belfast
a shamrock and a red hand.
Этап 7. Чтение (поисковая работа)
1. Учитель называет города вразброс, а учащиеся находят и читают их
Cities of the UK
London is the capital of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England. It’s a
transport port and a centre of business, industry and tourism.
Oxford and Cambridge are the oldest Universities cities in the UK
Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of world-known English playwright William
Brighton is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Britain.
Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, one of the most beautiful cities in Britain built
over two centuries ago.
Manchester and Birmingham are the leading industrial centres of the UK .
Manchester is situated not far from London. Birmingham is situated in the West of
Cardiff is the capital of Wales and its main port.
Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.
2. Учитель читает описание достопримечательностей Лондона вразброс,
учащееся отгадывают их названия, используя текст, отыскивают фотографии
достопримечательностей, которые расположены на доске. Тот, кто быстрее
всех назвал достопримечательность, подходит к доске и забирает себе
фотографию. Тот, кто больше всех собрал фотографий становится
Attractions of London
1. The Houses of Parliament is the seat of the British Parliament
2. Big Ben is the Clock Tower with a famous clock and bell
3. Westminster Abby is a church where all English kings and queens have been
crowned and are buried here.
4. Downing Street, 10 is the official residence of Prime Ministers
5. Buckingham palace is London residence of the Queen, the principal seat of the
6. Windsor Castle is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Britain
7. St. Paul’s Cathedral London’s largest and most famous cathedral built by by
Sir Christopher Wren.
8. The Tower of London is a museum now which was first a prison and than a
royal palace
9. Hide Park is one of the largest parks of London famous for its Speakers’
10. British Museum contains a collection of British and foreign Art
11. Nelson’s column is a very tall stone tower in Trafalgar square, built in honour
of Admiral Nelson
12. Picadilly Circus is a busy square in central London
13. Covent Garden the Royal Opera House
14. Albert hall is a grand concert hall famous for its classical music
15. Tower Bridge is a unique drawbridge across the Thames
16. Madame Tussaud’s is a celebrated museum of wax figures
17. The Sherlock Holmes Museum London’s museum which is located in Backer
18. Harrods is the most exclusive department store
19. The London Eye is an observation wheel which is 135 meters high. From its
top you can see all of London.
Этап 8. Чтение вслух
Read the guidebook about the London Eye and then answer the questions
The London Eye
The London Eye was opened on New Year’s Eve 199 to celebrate the Millenium.
It is 135 metres high , and from the top you can see all of London. On a clear day
you can even see Windsor Castle , which is 40 kilometers away. The London eye
has 32 capsules , each with room for 25 people. Each trip” lasts for 30 minutes. It
moves quite slowly, at a speed of about 15 meters a minute, but it never stops.
Passangers have to get on when it’s moving.
Opening times : Daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p. m. in the summer and from 10 a.m. to 6
p.m. in the winter.
Tickets : In advance online or by phone. A limited number of tickets are available
on the day from the Ticket Office in County Hall ( the building net to the Eye), but
go early because you often have to queue. How to get there : 5 minutes’ walk from
Waterloo underground station.
Answer the questions:
1. How high is the London Eye?
2. How far can you see on a clear day?
3. How many capsules are there?
4. How many passengers are there in each capsule?
5. How long is the trip?
6. How fast does it move?
7. What time does it open/ close? In the summer _____ In the winter _______
8. Can you get tickets on the day you want to go?
9. Where is the ticket office?
10. Which underground station is near the London Eye?
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