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Презентация "Ecological problems in Sverdlovsk region" 7 класс

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Ecological problems in Sverdlovsk region

Air pollution

  • Ural economic region on the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere is on the first place among other regions of Russia, and the Sverdlovsk region accounts for about a third of all emissions of the Urals, so in most cities in the region has an unfavorable ecological situation.

Water pollution

  • In the ponds of the Sverdlovsk region in 1995 dropped to 1,772 million cubic meters of industrial and domestic waste water (51 million cubic meters less than in 1990), of which 120 million cubic meter of contaminated wastewater discharged without cleaning. Last year in the reservoirs dropped 684 thousand tons (103 thousand tonnes more than in 1994) contaminated substances. The greatest amount of wastewater received from the towns of Serov, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Kamensk-Uralsky and Pervouralsk

One of the most important Problem is the cutting down of our forest, which is also a lot of animals and plants in danger

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  • Very important Problem in our field is radiaktive pollution in our area

In many cities and the streets are very dirty/ Plastic, paper and empty tin cans lying on the streets

  • What can we do to help nature?

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