Презентация "What does it mean to be the ideal roommate?" 10 класс скачать

Презентация "What does it mean to be the ideal roommate?" 10 класс

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What does it mean to be the ideal roommate? Сomplete the sentences using the words that describe the person’s character
  • Someone who doesn’t like to do anything is …
  • Someone who has no secrets is …
  • Someone who can make you laugh is …
  • Someone who always tells the truth is …
  • Someone who feels awkward in the company is …






1. How old should your ideal roommate be? 17-18; 18-19; 20-21; it doesn’t matter for me

2. What should his / her appearance be?

tall, short, slim, fat, smart, sporty,

good-looking, attractive, it doesn’t matter for me

3. What moral qualities should your ideal roommate have? shy, honest, calm, open, loyal, polite

4. What characteristics should be the most important

for your roommate ?

active, accurate, strict, confident, tolerant, have sense of humour, ability to speak English, ability to earn money, easygoing, ambitious, workaholic, ability to cook, chatterbox, ability to observe the rules of co-existence

5. What should / shouldn’t the ideal roommate do? Divide the statements into 2 columns



get along with you

speak too loudly

be ready to sort out the problems

play loud music

support you no matter if you are right or wrong

occupy the toilet or bathroom for a long time

be ready to listen to you

ask too many questions if someone wants to be left alone

keep his / her promise

tell you lies

tell you the truth no matter if you like it or not

quarrel about silly unimportant things,

forgive you for being rude or unfair

envy your success

avoid conflicts with you

observe the laws of co-existence

feel jealous

Describe your ideal roommate
  • I think …
  • I absolutely agree …
  • On one hand … on the other hand …
  • To my mind …
  • We shouldn’t forget that …
  • In my opinion …

An ideal roommate is someone who …

The conclusion The ideal roommates
  • have to respect each other,
  • have to observe the rules
  • of sharing the room and the laws of co-existence.
Thank you !