Презентация "Television" 6 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
TELEVISION “for “ and “against”
  • [ei] - lazy, gain, weight, radiation, famous, makes,
  • [ai] – buy, time, like, dislike.
  • [æ] – damage, travel, badly.
  • [t] – wasting, take part, relatives
  • In Britain about 95% of homes have a TV. Children aged between 11-16 watch TV 3 hours a day. What about you?
  • Which TV programmes do you watch most often?
  • (7,8a,8b forms)
  • Advantages Of Television
Disadvantages Of Television
  • Agree or disagree with the following statements. Begin your statements with:
  • I agree (disagree) that…
  • I don’t agree that…
  • It’s quite true that…
  • You are absolutely right…
  • I don’t think so,…
  • 1.Television takes most of our time.
  • 2.Cinema and theatre are not popular because of TV.
  • 3.Thrillers and horror films are for children.
  • 4.TV advertisements are very interesting.
  • 5.Radio is not so popular as TV now.
  • 6. TV is terribly bad for people’s eyes.
  • Test: «On TV»
  • Homework: to write your own TV schedule for tomorrow