Олимпиада по английскому языку 3-4 класс

по английскому языку 3-4 класс.
Task 1. Прочитай сказку и поставь «+», если предложение верно или «-», если
предложение неверно.
One day the rabbit was very hungry and ran to Mr. Grey's garden. There were some sweet
carrots, red tomatoes, big potatoes and red apples there! The rabbit was happy in the garden!
At 12 o’clock Mr. Grey came into the garden and started his work. Suddenly he saw Peter: “A
rabbit in my garden!” Mr. Grey jumped up and ran after the rabbit. The rabbit jumped up and ran
away from Mr. Grey. But he couldn’t see the garden door.
He lost his red shoes near the tomatoes. He had no shoes on! Now he could run on his four
legs. Then he jumped out of his jacket. Now he had no clothes on and ran very fast.
Suddenly he saw the garden door. Closed! The rabbit went under it. How happy he was to be
out of the garden.
Mr. Grey was happy too. He had no rabbits in his garden. When he saw a blue jacket and
shoes, he got happier:
“Now I have got some nice clothes! Two red shoes and a blue jacket.”
Mr. Grey put the rabbit’s clothes on a scarecrow (пугало).
1. There were yellow bananas in Mr. Grey garden.
2. The rabbit had some clothes on when he came into the garden.
3. The rabbit liked to eat tomatoes and apples.
4. Mr. Grey didn’t like the rabbit in his garden.
5. The rabbit helped Mr. Grey to work in the garden.
6. The rabbit’s shoes were blue.
7. The rabbit ran after Mr. Grey.
8. Mr. Grey liked rabbit’s clothes and shoes.
Task 2. Вставь нужную форму глагола “to be”.
1. My sister _____ at school yesterday.
2. His father ______ a doctor.
3. _____ you hungry? Yes, I _____.
4. There ______ a lot of cold days last winter.
5. It ________ hot next summer.
6. The mice ________grey.
Task 3. Подбери антонимы.
1. merry a) low
2. high b) young
3. pretty d) dark
4. old e) stupid
5. light f) sad
6. smart c) ugly
Task 4. Выбери правильную форму.
1. The mouse is (small / smaller / smallest) than the cat.
2. Russia is the (large / larger / largest) country.
3. Alice is a (good / better / best) girl.
4. There are (some / any) pictures on the wall.
5. Would you like (some / any) tea?
6. Is there (some / any) cheese on the plate?
Task 5. Задай вопросы к следующим ответам.
1. _______________________________________________________
Yes, she waters the flowers every morning.
2. _______________________________________________________
They went to the park.
3. _______________________________________________________
No, it was cold.
4. _______________________________________________________
Yes, they can play the piano.
Task 6. Выбери лишнее слово и обведи его.
1. parrot frog horse lazy
2. saw went has said
3. happier fatter smarter wonderful
4. man teeth children women
5. sheep cow pig crocodile
6. our they his your
Task7. Напиши письмо другу (60-80 слов) и расскажи ему о своем распорядке
выходного дня.