Тест "From Place to Place" 5 класс

Лялина Р.Н.
СОШ №3, г. Заинск, РТ
Тест 5 класс по учебнику английский язык Rainbow English 5 класс (Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова) (4-тый год
обучения) Unit 5 (From Place to Place)
I. Заполните пропуски соответствующим словом ( одно слово лишнее): railway station, to the south, hotel, is
famous for, airport, situated
1. Our trip _____ was wonderful.
2. We stayed in a modern _____.
3. We visited many cities ______ not far from the sea.
4. We’ll go by the train. Let’ go to the _____.
5. The city _______ its churches and castles.
II. Найдите лишнее слово в каждом ряду:
1. West, south, trip, east, north
2. Wonderful, beautiful, pleasant, regularly, successful
3. Across, near, circus, opposite, outside
4. River, ocean, lake, pond, plane
5. Enjoy, stay, visit, see, like
III. Выберите верное слово:
1. She speaks (polite/ politely ) to people.
2. The weather was (pleasant/ pleasantly).
3. She speaks English (slow/ slowly).
4. e (warm/ warmly) welcomed us.
5. I think, she is (successful/ successfully) in painting.
IV. Завершите разделительные вопросы:
1. Last year they went to the sea by their car, …?
a) do they b) did they с) didn't they
2. I’m interested in old cities and towns, …?
a) don’t I b) am not I c) aren’t I
3. The bus stop is around the café, …?
a) does she b) isn’t it c) wasn’t it
4. The tourists came to the airport by bus, …?
a) aren’t they b)didn’t they c) did they
5. There were a lot of people in the supermarket,…?
a) did there b)were there c) weren’t there