Конспект урока "Праздник русской зимы" 4 класс

Тема урока: Праздник русской зимы
Практическая цель Формирование, совершенствование и автоматизация лексических
навыков. Развитие навыков употребления лексических единиц в речи.
Совершенствование навыков чтения. Развитие речевых умений.
Образовательная цель пополнение лексического минимума обучающихся.
Развивающая цель развитие языковых и интеллектуальных способностей
обучающихся, развитие творческого мышления.
Воспитательная цель воспитание любознательности, интереса к английскому языку.
1) Первичное закрепление лексических единиц.
2) Совершенствование и автоматизация лексических навыков.
3) Закрепление грамматического правила Future Simple (Будущее простое время)
Оснащение урока:
Языковой материал:
Лексика по теме: «Russian winter festival»
Ход урока:
T: Good afternoon boys and girls. Sit down please. I’m glad to see you.
First of all tell me please:
What date is it today?
Pp: Today is the 13
of November.
T: What day is it today?
Pp: Today is Saturday.
T: Who is absent today?
Pp: All are present.
T: Let’s start our work. I want you to look at the screen. You can see the phrases. Let’s read
them one by one.
Pp: listen, Russian, traditional, food, make, snowman…
T: Very good, now let’s remember the phrases from the previous lesson. Look at the screen and
try to guess the expression.
Pp: The expressions are: - light fireworks
- take part in a sack race
- find a way out of maze
T: Very good. And now let’s train our new vocabulary. Open please your books at page 28. So
now let’s look at the screen and try to guess with the help of the picture what does it mean.
T: I think these words are: играть на деревянных ложках, играть в снежки, лепить
снеговика, кушать традиционную еду.
Pp: Well-done. Please put down these words in your vocabularies. And now let’s remember the
grammar rule. Who can tell me about Future Simple.
Pp: (do the task)
T: Very good. Now let’s do such task as: transformation from Present to Future Simple tense.
Pp: (do the task)
T: Now let’s have a rest. ( read the rhyme and do the exercises)
T: Now let’s pass over to the next task. Look please at ex 3 at p 28. We will read about the
festival and you should try to guess what does it mean.
Pp: I think it is Potato Town Festival
T: Well-down. Let’s look at p. 29. You can see the text about Russian Winter Festival. We will
read it And do some exercises (ex 2 True or False)
Pp: 1- false, 2 true, 3 true, 4 false, 5 false, 6 true.
T: Thank you. Now open please your diaries and put down your home task. (WB )
T: Thank you for your work. You all will get an excellent marks. So the bell has gone. The
lesson is over. You may be free. Good bye.