Презентация "Australia" 5-11 класс

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Australia Maxim Kuzmin Class 6 B Lyceum № 4 Teacher:M.Babushkina Saratov - 2015 The aim of my project is to attract students’ attention to one of the most picturesque country of the world The tasks of my project are: 1) To collect the material on the topic; 2) To study and systematize it; 3) To show the importance of the topic; 4) To make a conclusion. The unknown southern land The inhabitants of Australia
  • The population of Australia is 24 million people. The total number of aboriginals is slightly less than 550,000 people.
Nature and climate Australia is a land of differences. More than 50% of land are deserts. Only a coast belt around Australia is comfortably humid. Canberra sydney Melbourne Adelaide The wildlife of Australia Australia is the land where birds run instead of flying and animals hop instead of running Primitive mammals This country is the home of two primitive mammals – the duckbill and the anteater. kangaroo The kangaroo is the best known Australia’s animal. It has 40 different kinds and is different in size and color. Koala bear The koala resembles a teddy bear. It spends most of its life in eucalyptus trees and eats only the leaves of the trees. The wild dog Dingo Among other animals found in Australia is the dingo, a wild yellowish dog with bushy tail. Australian birds European animals which have become wild in Australia My investigation My investigation Would you like to know more about Australia? My investigation What would you like to learn about the country? My investigation What ways of getting information about Australia will you use? Conclusion 1)We know very little about Australia. 2)We can learn a lot of interesting information about the country. 3)My work was not in vain. I attracted my classmates’ attention to the necessity of getting more knowledge about English speaking countries. Thank you for the attention