Презентация "Do You Like Tea?" 5-11 класс

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Do You Like Tea? Kirill Razdivilov Class 6 “B” Lyceum № 4 Teacher: M. Babushkina Saratov - 2015 The aim and the tasks
  • The aim of my project is to learn more about tea
  • The tasks of the project are:
  • 1) to collect material; 2) to study the collected material; 3) to ask classmates what they know about tea; 4) to make a conclusion.
General Facts
  • Tea is well-known as a popular drink in all parts of the world. People drink tea in Asia, Europe, America Australia etc.
  • But there were times when people knew nothing about this drink.
The History of Tea
  • The discovery of tea is referred to the Chinese Emperor and father of Chinese medicine Shen Loon, who lived in China 2700 BC.
The Cultivation of Tea
  • The Chinese began to cultivate tea plants.
  • The word tea appeared later. It was pronounced as “cha”.
  • Its hieroglyph was shown as a tree with flowers and leaves with a man among them.
  • It was a symbol of harmony of a man and nature.
The History of Tea in Russia
  • The first tea was brought to Russia by the Chinese in 1618. The popularity of tea increased rapidly and soon it became the most popular drink in Russia.
Tea Consumption in Russia
  • Strong welding;
  • It is often drunk with
  • lemon and sugar
  • It is drunk together
  • with desserts and sweets;
  • It is a cheap product.
The History of Tea in Europe
  • Tea was brought to Europe by the Portuguese in the 17th century. At first tea was sold in France, Holland, and Germany. Later it appeared in England.
The Popularity of Tea in England
  • Tea quickly became popular in London’s society, it could be found in every café, and it became fashionable even among intellectuals.
My Investigation


Classmates’ answers

Their parents’ answers


Do you like tea?

Yes-92%; no-8%

Yes-98%; no-2%


What kinds of tea do you know?

Green, black, fruit tea

Green, yellow, black, fruit


Have you ever drunk white tea?




How do you like to drink your tea?

with sugar - 91%

with sugar and lemon - 8%

with milk and sugar – 1%

with jam – 0%

without sugar -24%

with sugar and lemon-66%

with milk – 4%

with jam - 6%


How often do you drink tea?

all day long -5%

3 times a day -77%

in the morning – 12%

in the evening – 6%

All day long -53%

3 times a day – 42%

once a day -3%

don’t drink tea – 2%


Do you like tea out of the pot or tea in bags?

tea in bags – 91%

tea out of the pot – 9%

tea in bags - 55%

tea out of the pot – 45%

  • 1 The history of tea is very interesting.
  • 2 Tea is a healthy and popular drink.
  • 3 We must know more about it.
Thank you for the attention