Конспект урока "Food. Drinks" 4 класс

Class: 4 “Б”
The theme: Food. Drinks
The aims:
1. To introduce children with new words about food.
2. To teach them to use new words in their speech. To develop children’s
reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. To develop their monologue
speech. To teach them work in groups.
3. To teach children to respect and to listen each other and teacher. To shape
pupils’ attitude to food. To develop their interest to the English language.
Visual aids: CD-ROM, poster, flashcards, pictures, presentation Power Point
Type of the lesson: mixed
Organizing moment:
T: - Hello! Stand up, please! How are you?
P: - We are fine, thank you!
T: - Sit down, please! Who is on duty today?
P: - I’m on duty today!
T: - What date is it today?
P: - Today is the of .
T: - O’k and what day is it today?
P: - Today is the Monday.
The seaman went to sea
To see what he could see.
But all that he could see
Was only sea, sea, sea.
Checking home task:
T: - What was your home task?
P: -
T: - Who wants to begin?
P: - May I begin?
T: - Yes, you may
Introduction of new theme:
T: - Okay now everybody look at the blackboard. Today’s our theme is “food and
Reading & Speaking.
Look at the poster there you see new word. Let’s read these words. At first I’ll read
then you repeat after me.
Bread - нан
Butter - май
Hot dog - хотдог
Milk - сүт
Tea - шай
Ice-cream - балмұздақ
Egg - жұмыртқа
Cake - торт
Pizza - пицца
Fish - балық
Salad салат
Juice - шырын
Chips - чипстар
Hamburger - гамбургер
Chicken - тауық
Rice - күріш
Soup - сорпа
Coke - кола
Cheese - сыр
T: - And now open your copybooks and write these new words.
After that we’ll sing a song about “food and drink”.
Salad eaten bingo
T: Write down 5 of your favorite food or drinks. Listen to me. If you hear yours
tick it. When you have finished shout “BINGO”!
Physical exercise:
Five little gentlemen
Go for a walk.
Along came five ladies
they stop for a talk
They stood all together
and they began to dance together.
Reflexion: Word search.
Conclusion: I give to children their home work.