Открытый урок "Health above wealth"

Открытый урок в 342 группе специальность 39.02.01 Социальная работа
Тема: Health above wealth
Цель: систематизация знаний по теме "Здоровье. Здоровый образ жизни".
Развивающий аспект: развитие общих компетенций (ОК4, ОК8, ОК13 ),
творческих способностей учащихся, умения осуществлять репродуктивные и
продуктивные речевые действия; развитие способности к сравнению,
сопоставлению, планированию своего высказывания; выражать собственное
Учебный аспект: активизация лексических навыков, говорения, чтения,
аудирования; автоматизация употребления грамматических конструкций -
модального глагола should; обучение использованию в речи фраз-клише.
Познавательный аспект: актуализация и расширение знаний учащихся о
здоровье и здоровом образе жизни; формирование навыка самостоятельного
анализа и оценки предлагаемой информации.
Воспитательный аспект: воспитание активной жизненной позиции,
ответственного отношения к своему здоровью, развитие инициативности,
культуры речевой коммуникативности, способности к взаимодействию и
сотрудничеству в процессе решения проектно-творческих задач.
Оснащение: м/медийный проектор, компьютер, м/м презентация,
раздаточный материал в твердой копии.
1. Оргмомент 3 мин.
The motto of our lesson is "Health is above wealth"
It means that health is the dearest thing for a person.
I think that we can buy many things but we can't buy health.
Today we’ll speak about good and bad habits.
How do they influence our health and our appearance?
What does our health depend on?
Is it important to care about our health and our appearance?
How should we do it?
What should we do to keep fit and be healthy?
The Aim of our Lesson is:
1. To discuss the ways to stay healthy
2. To present projects on healthy lifestyle
2. Фонетическая зарядка (glossary) 2 мин.
care about
health habits
pay attention to…
depend on
keep healthy
physical activity
gain weight
high fibre food
3. Health habits. 10 мин.
There are good and bad health habits. What are they? Let’s have a small
You have papers with tables. You must insert the habits into proper place. What
team is the first?
Now let’s check up: read good (bad ) habits aloud
(вывести таблицу на экран)
healthy diet, do sports, eating sweets, drinking alcohol, obesity, snacking, eating
breakfast, smoking, taking drugs, skipping breakfast, exercising, eating high fibre
food, physical inactivity, sleeping too much or too little, regular meals, eating
wholemeal bread, sleeping 7 or 8 hours, eating low fat food, getting up early
4. Some bad habits are really deadly. How do they influence our health and
our appearance? Make up the sentences. Match the beginning of the sentences
with their endings. 8 мин.
2. Smoking …
3. Drinking alcohol
4. Taking drugs …
5. Some teenagers look pale
and tired because
6. social
causes slow reactions and loss of memory
makes our teeth yellow and our hair,
clothes smell.
they have problems with their hair and
causes a cough and headache.
affects the whole family and the people
around you.
makes your brain centres sleep and affects
they don’t get enough vitamins and
makes our speech unclear.
they have anaemia
5. Proverbs about health. Match 2 parts and translate into Russian 5 мин.
1 Health is better
but eat to live.
2 Early to bed and early to rise
is the best rest.
3 Healthy mind
drink with measure.
4 An apple a day
keeps a doctor away.
5 Live not to eat
in a healthy body.
6 Eat with pleasure,
makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
7 A change of activity
than wealth.
6. Test “My habits” (on papers and on the screen) 5 мин
What is your score? The results.
7. Projects “Some tips to be healthy” 15 мин
It is a pleasure to look at a strong, athletic man and slim beautiful lady.
It is known that healthy people live longer and their career is more successful. To
look well you must follow some simple rules: don’t smoke and take drugs, don’t
drink alcohol, don’t eat too much chips and sweets, eat more vegetables and fruits,
sleep well, do exercises.
Now it’s time for your projects “Tips on healthy lifestyle”
8. Work at text 6 p. 20 10 мин.
a. the words from the text: главная ценность; больной человек; успешный;
современный мир; фатальные искушения; глоток алкоголя; вред
курения; разрушать здоровье; уменьшать; безвредное
времяпровождение; бросить без усилий; яд; разрушать мозг;
добровольное сумасшествие; безумные действия; влиять;
употребление наркотиков; наркоманы; развитие; процветание.
b. Tell the sentences from the text with word combinations:
c. The competition task. Put the sentences in the correct order. Who is faster?
(Sentences on the slide)
I consider that there is no place to these habits in our life.
The health of a person is the main value in the life
Even a single sip of alcohol causes a poisoning which can lead to death.
Smoking is not only reflected on the family budget , pollutes air, but also ruins our
Drinking alcohol is a voluntary mad.
Smoking is not a harmless pastime which can be given up without efforts.
The matter is that alcohol is the drug, and drugs influence on the brains of the
9. Homework text 7 p. 21 - 1 min
10. The results of the lesson - 1 min.