Презентация "My home is my castle" 5 класс

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The 30th of November Wednesday

Iagodarova Alina

Continue sentences: 1) We will talk about … 2) We will learn … 3) We will listen to and read a text about… My home is my castle Home and rooms New words Home Oo [u:] Room Bathroom Bedroom Living room Dining room Cool Look Soon choose Kitchen Kitchen Flat Comfortable Big Cozy Study Bed Table


a cottage

a wigwam

an igloo

a skyscraper

a flat

a house







There is/ there are
  • there is употребляется перед субъектами в единственном числе.
  • There is a cup of tea on the table. - На столе (есть) чашка чая. 
  • there are - перед субъектами во множественном числе.
  • There are five balls in the box. - В коробке (есть) пять мячей.
Exercise 1.  Вставьте is или are.
  • There _____ two cups of tea on the table.
  • There _____ some milk in the cup.
  • There _____ an orange in the salad.
  • There _____ six balls in the box.
  • There _____ some cheese on the plate.
  • There ______ a blue chair at the door.
  • There _____ five chicks and a hen on the farm.
  • There _____ a table and nine desks in the classroom.
Физкультминутка «Clap your hands….»

Clap your hands, clap your hands,

listen to the music and clap your hands.

Stamp your feed, stamp your feet,

listen to the music and stamp your feet.

Turn around, turn around,

listen to the music and turn around.

Jump up high, jump up high

listen to the music and jump up high.

Parts of the House
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50bo4DgRnYw
Project “My favourite room”
  • Draw your favourite room with all equipments.
  • Learn the new active words.
  • Make a short story “My dream home”.
Keys Ex.1 1. are 2. is 3. is 4. are 5. is 6. is 7. are 8. is

Ex. 2.

1 flat

2. rooms

3. bedrooms

4. living room

5. Kitchen

6. bathroom

7. big

8. comfortable

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