Презентация "My Favourite Day" 6 класс

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My Favourite Day О важности сегодняшнего дня What is a favourite day for you? Monday for health Tuesday for wealth Wednesday the best day of all Thursday for losses Friday for crosses Saturday no luck at all Sunday for… Our Topic “MY PERFECT DAY” Цель урока: научиться рассказывать о своем любимом дне Задачи урока: -закрепить PRESENT SIMPLE -совершенствовать речевые навыки используя соединительные союзы и слова для описания событий LINKERS Ряд союзов и наречий времени обеспечивают логическую/временную связь между предложениями или частями предложений. К ним относятся: and then after that when before later bed, Sunday, that, watch, afternoon, lunch, walk, get, has My favourite day is . The best part about Sundays is that I up late. I go downstairs and where my mum a big breakfast waiting for me. After breakfast I my dog, Jeff, in the park. After I come home and I go and have with my family in our favourite restaurant. In the afternoon, dad takes us for a nice long drives in the country. In the evenings, we all a film together and then we go to . Sometimes I think it’s sad that Sunday only comes once a week!










I love Saturday by Lera
  • Later in the afternoon I go to Varya’s place. Her mum teaches us how to cook. Every Saturday we make salads, bake pancakes, cakes or cupcakes. At 6 o’clock we have dinner. When we finish dinner, we play with our toys and tell stories before we go to sleep. I absolutely love Saturdays!
  • Saturday is a perfect day for me. It starts at 10 o’clock with a big breakfast. Then I take my swimsuit and I set off with my best friend,Varya, for the swimming pool! There we swim, dive and do the exercises.
  • After the swimming pool we go to a café. We eat burgers and drink Coke. Sometimes we buy ice-cream. My favourite ice-cream is vanilla ice-cream.
My favourite day is … because I…
  • Play sports
  • Get up late
  • Don’t go to school
  • Visit my friend, grandparents
  • Go for a walk
  • Go to the cinema, café, restaurant, zoo…
  • Play computer games
DON’T FOGET… and then after that when before later НOME TASK Рабочая тетрадь : упр.2,3 стр.25 РЕФЛЕКСИЯ Не забудь это сделать…